On Friday (11/9), Malang-based game studio Clay Game Studio has released the demo version of their latest game Faerie Afterlight. The demo can be found on the game’s Steam page. While the exact release date hasn’t been announced on their Steam page yet, the press release mentions that the game is planned to be released in the third quarter of 2020 for PC and console.

Faerie Afterlight is a platformer-Metroidvania video game where the player can control two characters simultaneously. It tells the story of a mythical creature named Kimo and a young fairy named Wispy. Together, they will travel in the mystical the world of Lumina in their quest of finding the missing source of light, Lucentia.

Faerie Afterlight will be Clay Game Studio’s first original game work. The alpha version of the game was first published in 2019 on their itch.io and gamejolt pages. On June 20, Clay Game Studio has also released the narrative trailer of Faerie Afterlight, which details the story of the game.

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