On Thursday (10/9), anime streaming service Muse Asia has announced a new Youtube channel to legally stream anime with Indonesian subtitle. Branded as Muse Indonesia, the channel will start streaming anime on September 22, 2020.

Three anime has already been planned to be released at launch. The first is One Punch Man which will be available for a limited time only between September 22 to September 30. 6 episodes of One Punch Man will be released on September 22 and 6 other episodes will be released the next day. Two other titles are The God of High School and Monster Girl Doctor, which will be released one episode per day starting from September 22.

Muse Asia is a Singapore-based Youtube channel created by Muse Communication Singapore, an active branch company of MUSE Communication Co., Ltd. The channel has streamed various anime legally on Youtube for South-East Asia audience with English subtitle. Other than Muse Indonesia, Muse Asia have also created other country-specific Youtube channels Muse Malaysia or Muse Thailand. Just like in Indonesia, those channels stream the anime with subtitles in their respective languages.

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