Last week, one of Taiwan’s most talked-about cosplayer in Indonesian social media came to visit the country for the first time. Misa Chiang, visited Jakarta to attend BIJAC No Tanjoiwai 9: Issho ni Tanoshimimashou, an event organized by Binus Japan Club at the Binus Internasional, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan.

The arrival of the cosplayer gained a lot of attention, as she was supposed to attend an event in Bali last year before the event was canceled. Last week, KAORI has the chance to meet and interview this popular cosplayer. Intrigued to know more about Misa? What made her interested in cosplaying? And how exactly is her relationship with fellow cosplayer Liui Aquino? Find out in the following interview!


Hello Misa. First, could you tell us how did you get into cosplay for the first time?

Hello to you too. I actually had been into cosplay for quite some time. I first became interested when I was at junior high. In my school, there was a cosplay club, which I joined.

What was the first cosplay that you did at that time?

My first cosplay was Misa Amane from Death Note, that’s why my stage name is Misa.

What fascinates you the most about cosplay?

What fascinated me about cosplay is the characters. When I see a character and becomes fascinated by him/her, that character  becomes my idol. And I, in turn, wants to become that idol myself.

Having a hobby and a job as a professional cosplayer, what is your motivation to pursue cosplaying?

One of my motivations is that I want to be able to relate with the characters that I’m cosplaying. I want to become my idol. Besides, I also would like to promote my enjoyment of anime and games to the people through the characters that I’m cosplaying .

What is the hardest thing in cosplaying?

The hardest thing would be the make-up. Many of my cosplays are mature and sexy in looks, yet I have a baby face like this, so it is hard for me to create a sexy image.

Other than that, what’s the hardest cosplay costume that you have ever made?

Ah, yes there was one! At one time I had made a costume for one of the characters from League of Legends. It was quite difficult because of all the weapons and armor that I had to make and wear.

How about your favorite costume?

My favorite costume was of a certain DC Comics character. I also had made a Harley Quinn costume and I really like that one. I really like the details in it.

What was the most interesting experience in your carrier as a cosplayer?

The most interesting experience for me was when I finished the costumes I had made. Finishing a costume and did a photo session wearing that new costume was very interesting.


Talking about cosplay, what do you think about the growth of cosplays in Taiwan nowadays?

Cosplay right there grows along with the development of convention events there. If the events grow larger, then cosplay will also grow larger along with them.

Today marks your first visit to Indonesia. Are there any Indonesian cosplayer you’re acquainted with?

I honestly not quite familiar with cosplay in Indonesia. That’s why I’d like to come to events organized in Indonesia to see and get to know Indonesian cosplayers.

Regarding Indonesian cosplayers, I only know a few of them. I’m quite acquaintanted with Clarissa Punipun, one of my favorite Indonesian cosplayer. Also, I saw in the net this one cosplayer with a quite awesome armor, and I like it.

About your visit to Indonesia, some time ago you was invited as a guest for an event in Bali. But the event was unfortunately canceled. Why did you still want to visit Indonesia despite that experience?

Yes, I was invited to an event in Bali at that time. To be honest, I was quite happy to have a chance to visit Indonesia. But, it was  unfortunate that the event was canceled and I was quite disappointed for not coming here.

Indonesia is, in fact, one of the countries that I want to visit the most. That is why, when I was invited to Bijac no Tanjoiwai, I was very happy to finally be able to visit here. And now I’m really here.


And there’s a question from your fans. They said that they see Misa seems to be quite close with one of Philipine’s cosplayer, Liui Aquino. Really, what’s between Misa and Liui?

(Laugh) Oh Liui. Well, I thought he isn’t quite famous in Indonesia. Liui and I are close friends. But I tend to consider him like my own brother. Well, more like siblings. We’re quite close and often hang out together.

Oh and by the way, Liui will be coming over to Indonesia for an upcoming event this year. Any messages for him?

Liui will be coming this year? Hmm maybe send my regard if you meet him, and tell him “Misa don’t like you!” (laugh).

Last question. What is cosplay for someone like Misa Chiang?

For me cosplay is everything. Cosplay has made me into who I am now. I could learn many things from cosplay, meet new friends who share the same hobby with me. And through cosplay, I could travel abroad, just like today.

The Indonesian Anime Times | Interview by Rafly Nugroho with translation by Paksi Pradipta | Photos by Irfan Dhafirwan

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