Shining Rose Media announced through their site that they will release a light novel from Japan titled Ryuugajou Nanana’s Buried Treasure in Indonesia. As of now, the novel has entered printing stage.

The novel told the story of Juugo Yama, who was forced to move to a school in Nanaejima, an island created as a special region for students. In that Island, Juugo rented a cheap apartment room that is haunted by girl named Nanana. Later Juugo joined a club whose purpose is to hunt Nanana’s treasures that are said to have some mysterious power.

Ryuugajou Nanana’s Buried Treasure has been adapted into a manga series that has reached 3 volumes, and an anime series that aired between April-June 2014. In Japan, the novel have been published in 10 volumes. The novel is written by Kazuma Ootorino with illustration by Akaringo.

Find out more about this novel by reading its 32 pages teaser in Indonesian.

The Indonesian Anime Times

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