Having brought the first volume of the light novel Absolute Duo last year, now Shining Rose Media has announced that the second volumeof the novel has been processed and soon wil be printed.

The second volume of the novel consists of 287 pages and 8 colored pages. An illustrated bookmark will be included as a bonus.

Written by Takumi Hiiragiboshi and illustrated by Yu Asaba, Absolute Duo tells of a world where weapons called “Blaze” exist. “Blaze” are weapons created from the materialization of a person’s spirit, and it is said that only one in a thousand people has the ability to materialize it. Tooru Kokonoe is one such person who can materialize “Blaze”, which leads him to be enrolled into Kouryou Academy that trains its students in using their “Blaze”. Tooru, who has an unusual “Blaze” that manifests as a shield, then gets paired with a silver-haired girl named Julie because of the academy’s “Duo” system.

You can see the preview of this novel through this link.

The first volume of this novel can be purchased via KAORI Shop

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