On Tuesday (November 24), Shining Rose Media, a publisher of light novels in Indonesia, announced that they will release three new light novels soon. The official announcement on their website revealed that those novels are No Game No Life, The Shut-Ins are Mocking My Youthful Days, and Vampiress of the Dawn ~Aglaiarden’s Scarlet Lily~.

Shining Rose Media states that the three novels will be released soon in Indonesia, though they haven’t decided when exactly those novels will be available in bookstores. Shining Rose Media also provides short previews of the novels that has been translated to Indonesian, which can be read on their official site.

No Game No Life is a Light Novel Series written by Yuu Kamiya. The series follows the adventures of a pair of gamer siblings known as “Blank” in a world where games decides all aspects of life. The novels has been adapted into an anime series by Madhouse studio. The director of No Game No Life anime, Atsuko Ishizuka and the producer, Sho Tanaka, had visited Indonesia for Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFA ID) in 2014.

The other novels that will be released are Vampiress of the Dawn ~Aglaiarden’s Scarlet Lily~ (Akatsuki no Vampiress ~Agureiāden no Hiyuri~) which is written by Hikaru Sakurai (Fate/Prototype: Soukan no Fragments ) and illustrated by Peach-Pit (Rozen Maiden, Shugo Chara); as well as The Shut-Ins are Mocking My Youthful Days (Hikikomori-tachi ni Ore no Seishun ga Honrou Sareteiru), written by Yusuke Hitsugi and illustrated by Non.

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