Sora Tokui, The voice actress of Love Live‘s Nico Yazawa and Nero Yurizaki from Milky Holmes had greeted her fans in Madman Anime Festival in Melbourne! In the occasion, KAORI had the chance to attend her Q&A Session Panel in Sunday!

Before we get started, what do you hope to see in Melbourne?

Earlier, I just went to South Melbourne market. Do you know it? We went there for lunch and I had a lot of oysters. So, I am very happy! Do you like oysters? Me too! So, oysters are actually quite expensive in Japan. So when I come here to Australia and saw that the price is really cheap, I got really excited and I had more than ten! They’re very-very tasty! Now I really want to live in Melbourne.

We have gathered questions from fans around Australia today, so, lets start with the questions. What is the most important quality to become a voice actor?

I personally become a voice actor because I love anime. Well, so i’d really like to work with people who are voice actors. I love anime too, so if you love anime too that’s a great start. How many of you love anime? Everyone? So, everyone has a chance to become voice actors, no?

Can you tells us about the role you have in Milky Holmes?

So, Milky Holmes is about four girls who do detective works and solve crimes and Nero has a skill to help them uncover the truth in the incidents. She really loves food and really energetic.


How close is it to your personality?

I also like to eat just like Nero, so we are pretty similar. But I reckon that I eat faster than Nero, so I can compete in that.

Have you tried any Vegemite while in Australia?

Unfortunately, I didn’t try any Vegemite yesterday. But I did have steak yesterday and I really love it. So, I got really engrossed in steak and I completely forgot about Vegemite. How about Vegemite and oysters? Are they a good match?

No? I’m gonna eat them seperately then.


Over the years, you have many solo releases. How does it feel to work on solo releases compared to working together in a group?

So when you work with a group, you have a lot of other people there to work together. They help you to stay strong and I think it sort of increases the fun when you work with group, not just for the audience, but also for the other members on stage who are performing for the audience.

You are best known in Australia for your role as Nico Yazawa. Can you tell us a bit about the six-year journey being this character?

So, about Nico, I feel like we grew up together. And it was the first role that I went with μ’s and I loved how fun it was to work with other people. And it was a really fun experiece as well, as I feel like I had my youth growing up with Nico.

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Could you tell us what is the highlight in that character?

Probably, actually, doing the lives and standing up on stage dancing and singing in character dressed up like Nico. That was very fun. It’s always fun when everyone does “Nico Nico Nii~” together with me. Not just in Australia, but it seems wherever the country I go and do the “Nico Nico Nii~” there everyone seems to know it. And sometimes, when you visit another country and people you have never met before, like other artists, they also know this phrase. So it’s really exciting that this phrase has spread around the world so much. It has become like a universal language.

What is the quality of Nico Yazawa that do you think is most like your own?

So I think it’s the the part in the beginning, especially, when Nico was really stubborn that I think is really similar to me. and not only that, until she joined μ’s, she actually worked alone and tried really hard. I think that’s similar to me as well.


So you also traveled all around the world, doing these fan meetings. Did you have any interesting or funny experiences to share with us right now?

So, last year I got a trip to Mexico and one of the activity was to go looking for UFO. And we traveled to a really famous pyramid and had a bit of adventure, so that was pretty fun. Are there any UFOs in Australia? Who have seen a UFO in Australia? Are there any Power Spots or places like, where UFO might appear in Australia?

The Opera House(?)

I definitely try to go There!

Sora Tokui's Q&A Session Group Photo - Copyright by Madman Entertainment
Sora Tokui’s Q&A Session Group Photo – Copyright by Madman Entertainment

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