February 14th is known for Valentine’s Day, a day to show affection to a person one is romantically attracted to. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is known to be celebrated by women giving chocolates to men as a sign of their feelings; be they obligatory giri-choco for co-workers, or honmei-choco for a loved one. This occasion often appears in various anime and manga, especially the romance-themed ones, where it is seen as a perfect day for a love confession through chocolate.

However, not all love confessions turn into a relationship, and not all couples succeeded in getting together. To appreciate those who fail to be together with someone they love, on February 14th, the staff of KAORI Nusantara presents their favourite “sunken ships.” Beware of some spoilers as you proceed:

Lynn Minmay & Hikaru Ichijo – The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?

©1982,1984,1992,1994,1995,1997,2002,2015,2017 BIGWEST

Look, I know Lynn Minmay in the TV series was a bit of a spoiled girl, but by all accounts, the movie version of Minmay was more mature and determined and strong and DEFINITELY deserved to win. I know the TV version Misa Hayase deserved to win in that iteration, but Hikaru spent more time with Minmay in the movie! Why have Macross been different in their TV series and movie iterations if you’re not going to change the outcome of the story?!

*sigh* I know this is nitpicking about a 40-year-old show, and it’s not like these two characters feel like they were really made for each other, but sometimes as a fan, you can just feel so strongly that “This is what should have happened! This is what feels right!” even about a small part of a show that you wish it were otherwise. I guess that’s why fanfiction exists. (Caesar E.S. – The Indonesian Anime Times)

“Literally everyone” – Honey and Clover

© Chica Umino/Shueisha/Honey and Clover Production Committee

I’ve forgotten about a lot of the things that happened in mid-2000s hit slice-of-life drama Honey and Clover, but what I do remember is the… lingering *frustration* I have over the show’s ending, where everyone ends up with no one, and none of the show’s potentially romantic couples ended up with each other. Looking back, it was such a shock to my junior high school self to see that this kind of conclusion was possible. It’s quite incredible, and certainly memorable, although not in the ways I hoped it would be. It goes to show that while subverting expectations can be great, I do feel that not throwing the viewers even the tiniest bit of a bone after setting up romantic expectations for the characters can be a bit too much for the viewers… but I can respect that. Considering everything else in Honey and Clover that made it such an enjoyable series, I believe that Chica Umino has won the right to play with our hearts like that. (Caesar E.S. – The Indonesian Anime Times)

Eita Izumi & Ena Komiya – Just Because!

© Just Because! Production Committee

When Just Because! aired, I really loved this couple from the very beginning. Komiya was a perfect girl who came into Eita’s life in the most perfect time when Eita wanted to get over his old crush. She is this cheerful girl who lights the gloomy personality of Eita while roping him into many of her shenanigans. Eventually, Komiya got Eita rooting for her in a photography competition that would be her club’s lifeline. Komiya also braves herself to confess to her senpai.

But when you expected for their ship to sail, Eita ultimately choose his old crush who focused too much on herself over this girl who already put out so much effort to get his heart. Komiya, who does her best to win Eita’s heart, must lose to Mia, Eita’s childhood friend, and old crush. It was indeed very heartbreaking for me. But well, life goes on and I wish Komiya for a better man than him. (Keinda D. Adilia / MAKI-kun – The Indonesian Anime Times)

Ymir & Historia Reiss – Attack on Titan

© Hajime Ishiyama – KODANSHA / “Attack on Titan” Production Committee

Ymir and Historia’s short love story is very painful yet very sweet. From the very beginning, Ymir wanted to protect Historia, even giving up her top ten position so Historia could become a Military Police. Bound by the promise of their training days, they finally must leave each other’s side. Ymir, who held the power of Jaw Titan, sacrificed herself and turned herself into the Marleyan as she wanted to protect Historia from more harm. In the end, she just met her fate as her power was transferred to Porco, but she still managed to send her last love letter to Historia. It is indeed a very heartbreaking ending for this couple. (Keinda D. Adilia / MAKI-kun – The Indonesian Anime Times)

Rikuo & Shinako – Sing ‘Yesterday’ for Me

©Toume Kei/Shueisha-Sing ‘Yesterday’ For Me Production Committee

It actually baffled me how Rikuo and Shinako choose not to continue their relationship at the end of Sing ‘Yesterday’ for Me. it’s clear they have a feeling for each other. Unfortunately, Shinako has other priorities. For Shinako, Ruo is more important. Rikuo accepts that. He understands that Shinako has other priorities, and then they have to go separate ways.

But the fact that they didn’t end up together makes me like this couple even more. Unlike many love triangle anime, Sing ‘Yesterday’ for Me’ is a story about adults’ life. There’s a hint of maturity when it comes to their conflict resolution. The fact that Rikuo accepts Shinako’s point of view shows his maturity. He’s a grown adult who understands and respects Shinako’s point of view, even though a lot of viewers feel Shinako reason is illogical. It’s refreshing to see an adult perspective in a love triangle story, where the conflict between characters is resolved in such a mature way. (Dany Muhammad – The Indonesian Anime Times)

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Mitsuha Miyamizu & Miki Okudera – your name. / Kimi no Na wa

© CoMix Wave Films

While being body-swapped with Taki, Mitsuha arranged a date between Taki and his older co-worker at an Italian restaurant, Okudera, whom Taki had a crush on. As the date was ready for when Taki returned to his body, Mitsuha, who had been putting the effort to get the two of them closer, cried. Since the latter part of the film develops more of Taki and Mitsuha’s relationship, the scene might be seen as a sign of jealousy because Mitsuha had fallen in love with Taki herself. However, while I was watching the film, the way the film shows how Mitsuha got Taki closer to Okudera has instead made me feel that Mitsuha cried because she wanted to be the one to go on a date with Okudera. How could I not be convinced that Mitsuha had fallen in love with Okudera instead, given that while in Taki’s body, she had arguably spent more time being together and interacting directly with Okudera, more than she had ever been with Taki at that point? (Halimun Muhammad – The Indonesian Anime Times).

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Kouki & Tenshi (Angel) – One Room Angel

© 2019 Harada/SHODENSA Publishing CO., LTD.

When Kouki encounters an “Angel” in the back alley, Kouki is stabbed and nearly died. However, when he comes back with a huge debt and being unemployed, the angel proclaims himself Kouki’s roommate. Eventually, Kouki comes to know that the Angel he is taking care of was once a human being and not an angel but a deceased spirit. As they become aware of their affection towards each other, they expose each other’s past and realize the need to break free from any past attachment that makes them stuck to their current life. Helping Angel to let go of his lingering attachment to the world also helps Kouki to move on with his life. Kouki’s feelings for Angel are what makes him able to take another step towards a better life. I like how Harada puts two miserable people together just to enjoy peaceful and mundane life together as if they have lived like that since the beginning. Harada gives their characters something to “look forward to” in their tragic life. The story of One Room Angel comes with heavy subjects (such as violence, poor life, bullying, and suicide) and several twists which make a contrasting impression of the character’s past and character’s future vision. (Vina Nurziani – The Indonesian Anime Times)

Those are our favourite anime and manga ships that “sunk”. Are any of your favourite pairings also included in our list? If you have your own not in the list above, let us know in the comments. Last but not least, happy Valentine’s Day!

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