On October 27, 2015, KAORI Nusantara’s English news service, The Indonesian Anime Times, is resuming its activity. Having been dormant since June, the Times will resume its activities again delivering new and exciting contents.

Following the recruitment process that has taken place since July, the Times will now be mainly operated by our newly recruited members. Senior KAORI Newsline staff Halimun Muhammad have also been appointed as the general manager for the Times, along with senior staff Krisma Budianto Irawan acting as managing editor.

“Since the Times now has a separate team from its Indonesian counterpart site Newsline, we will be able to focus our resources and efforts on producing contents for the Times,” Halimun Muhammad, the new general manager for The Indonesian Anime Times explained. “Not only it would allow the Times to generate new contents consistently, it would also offer an opportunity for the Times to produce original contents, and thus, strengthens its identity.”

The Indonesian Anime Times will still translate some contents from KAORI’s Indonesian site, and co-operate with the Newsline’s team in event reports. Nevertheless, the Times’ staff are encouraged to develop and innovate on unique ideas.

The main purpose of the Times itself will remain the same, which is to deliver the best of Indonesian anime and creative economy trends to the world. It will focus about how anime culture is accepted and appreciated in Indonesia, analysing the growth of the creative economy in Indonesia, as well as voicing views about anime and its culture, in general, to become a part in the global discourse on this culture.

KAORI was founded in 2008 as Indonesian news website and community forum. It was revitalised in 2013 and has become one of the leading sources for Indonesian anime and local creative economy news.

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