SEMISOFT Studio, a game developer from Jakarta, Indonesia, is producing a new game titled Legrand Legacy. The game is an RPG 2.5 D game with 3D feels. The game will adopt a familiar “Turn-Based” gameplay from classical Japanese RPG such as Final Fantasy. In addition, there are Quick Time Event, Tactical Wars and Crafting System

The game had already obtained greenlight from STEAM to be released on their platform. The developers had previously started a fund raising program through Kickstater. Recently, they announced that the program has collected about £46,777, exceeding the original goal of £40,000. Further, their STEAM page informed that the game will be released in September 2017, but no futher detail have been given about it.

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In Legrand Legacy, players​ will use a character named Finn, a young man with no past and a strange power. Finn will journey in a fantasy world and fights beside the Fatebounds to bring peace in Legrand.

This game will include features such as

  • Vast, detailed world with large diversity
  • Original Soundtrack
  • 2.5 D Visual – 3D models and assets with 2D background
  • 3D in game Cinematic
  • Turn based combat system and tactical wars feature to challenge your skill
  • More than 30 hours long gameplay
  • Non Playable Characters (NPCs) which can be recruited for Headquarters

The pre-alpha version of Legrand Legacy has been released as a demo. The demo is available in two different versions; the A Version (original) and B Version (modified), which have different combat systems. After the kickstarter ended, the developer will open a poll for the funders to choose which version to be adapted for the final version of the game.

The game was initially produced in cooperation between Tinker Games, SEMISOFT Studio, and Inharmonics. However, SEMISOFT has confirmed that Tinker Games is no longer involved in the game project.

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