Jakarta, Indonesia: SEMISOFT, an award-winning Indonesian game studio, announced that it has raised a seed funding round from Discovery Nusantara Capital (DNC), a venture capital focused on Southeast Asian gaming industry.

Henry William Winata, SEMISOFT’s CEO said that “this brand new partnership opens up a whole new chapter in our journey. We value DNC’s wide expertise in the games industry hence this new venture is invaluable to us. This marks a new milestone for SEMISOFT in creating quality games for gamers all over the world.”

After successfully developing Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds, bound for January 24th 2018 release, SEMISOFT is planning to utilize DNC’s additional resources to port Legrand Legacy to all major consoles (PS4, Xbox1, and Switch), and continue developing new games.

Legrand Legacy, one of the SEMISOFT’s game

About SEMISOFT: Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, SEMISOFT’s focus is to create indie games with AAA quality that engage players to think deeply about art, gameplay and narrative. Legrand Legacy is their first game.

About DNC: Discovery Nusantara Capital has invested in several Indonesian gaming startups in the past few months. Earlier in March, it invested an undisclosed amount in local e-sports media RevivaLTV (Revival), following an investment into indie game developer studio Toge Productions. Its other portfolios include Duniaku.net, Touchten, Arsanesia and OmniVR.

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