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Winter 2019 Anime: Manaria Friends

Information and commentary from winter 2019 anime Manaria Friends.

Spring 2018 Anime: Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Information and commentary from spring 2018 anime Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Spring 2017 Anime: Granblue Fantasy the Animation

Check out information and commentary about Granblue Fantasy the Animation anime, which aired in the spring of 2017.


Discussing Social Issue in Japanese Mystery-Thriller Novel With Rikako Akiyoshi in...

As a part of Asian Book Festival event held by Penerbit Haru, KAORI Nusantara was invited to attend an online discussion with Japanese novelist Rikako Akiyoshi.

“Rent-A-Girlfriend” Anime First Impression: The Social Construct of The Need for...

Why does one even need a girlfriend in the first place? Despite it's hard-to-sympathise-with protagonist, "Rent-A-Girlfriend" could be an interesting starting point for discussing that issue.

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