Upon joining high school, Mira Konohata decides to join the astronomy club to fulfill her promise to a boy named Ao whom she met while camping when she was a child. She has promised Ao that one day they will find an asteroid to name it after him since there is already a star named Mira. However, she learns that her school’s astronomy club will be merged with the geological research society. Fortunately, she is reunited with Ao there, though the kid she thought was a boy turned out to be a girl all along.


Unlike many anime that share similar “join some relaxing club activities” theme, the club that the protagonist joined in Asteroid in Love is actually a fusion of two different clubs. It provides a bit of twist to the story because while the “slice-of-life feel” is still there, there is some tension between the club members. Viewers probably shouldn’t expect that the tension will suddenly turn up to full blown drama, though, because this is not that kind of anime. But nevertheless, it still feels different.

There is another important aspect that definitely should be talked about here: yuri! The relationship between two main leads, Mira and Ao, definitely will spark interest for those who are looking for yuri anime. It is hard to think that their relationship is not romantic, though they are not going out yet. Moreover, their relationship is also unveiled beautifully throughout the anime. I think it actually could remind viewers of sweet, innocent romance like Tsukigakirei, because while the latter is a straight romance, both series gives off the same sweet, innocent youth romance that definitely will attract fans of the genre.

Their character interaction is also carried out well by the animation direction handled by studio Doga Kobo, which is really well known for their cute but detailed character acting and for incorporating good background art. For the background part, the research for the show deserves to be appreciated as the constellations look as they do in real life night sky, not just a random dots on the background. If you are looking for a sweet yuri anime that has great animation and some things to learn about astronomy and geology, Asteroid in Love is an easy recommendation.

Facts and Figures

Alternative Title

Koisuru Asteroid

Source material

Manga by Quro


Lynn as Yuki Endou

Mai Fuchigami as Misa Konohata

Maria Sashide as Mai Inose

Megumi Yamaguchi as Ao Manaka

Nao Tōyama as Mikage Sakurai

Reina Ueda as Moe Suzuya

Sumire Uesaka as Mari Morino

Tomoyo Takayanagi as Mira Konohata


Daisuke Hiramaki (WATATEN!)


Yuka Yamada (WATATEN!)

Character Design

Jun Yamazaki

Opening Song

“Aruite Ikou!” by Nao Touyama

Ending Song

“Yozora” by Minori Suzuki


Doga Kobo

Official Site


Broadcast Date

3 january 2020 (11130 GMT, 1830 WIT, 2030 JST)

 Screenshots and Trailer

© Quro · ​Houbunsha/ Hoshizaki High Earth Sciences Club
 © Quro · ​Houbunsha/ Hoshizaki High Earth Sciences Club
© Quro · ​Houbunsha/ Hoshizaki High Earth Sciences Club
© Quro · ​Houbunsha/ Hoshizaki High Earth Sciences Club

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