Indonesian TV channel RCTI will air Ninja Hattori anime in Indonesia again. It has been revealed in a commercial that the series will start airing on Sunday morning, September 20, 2020 at 10.30 West Indonesia Time (UTC+7). Because of this, the anime Dragon Ball Super which has been occupying the same time slot on the channel will be pushed back to 11.00 West Indonesia Time on Sundays.

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Ninja Hattori-kun anime is based on Fujiko A. Fujio‘s manga series with the same name. The series follows the daily life of Kanzo Hattori, a kid ninja who lives in the household of a young boy named Kenichi Mitsuba, whom he helps to get through his troubles. The manga was published in Indonesia by Gramedia (Majalah) while the anime has been previously aired on RCTI in 1997, and on Space Toon and NET in 2013.

The 2020 broadcast of Ninja Hattori on RCTI will feature a new dub from MNC Studios. Some cast members from the past dub shown on Space Toon/NET who will reprise their roles include Nurul Ulfah who reprises her role as Kenichi; Siti Balqis who reprises her role as Kanzo’s younger brother Shinzo and as Kenichi’s love interest Yumeko; and Hana Bahagiana who reprises her role as Kanzo’s rival ninja Kemumaki. New cast members in the 2020 dub are Ika Zidane as Kanzo Hattori, Herra Nur Indah as Kenichi’s mom and Kemumaki’s talking dog partner Kagechiyo, Harry Suseno as Kenichi’s dad and the Hattoris’ ninja dog Shishimaru, and Agus Nurhasan as Teacher. The 2020 dub is directed by Fuwad Al Quwad with translation from Dian Roos and Ressa Arsyad as operator.

The new Ninja Hattori will also feature dubbed theme song. But the lyrics is different from the lyrics used in the past dub, since the new one is made to be closer in meaning to the original Japanese lyrics. The Indonesian version of both the opening and ending themes in this new dub will be sung by Marin who voiced Boruto Uzumaki in the Indonesian dub of Boruto. This information is revealed in a behind-the -scene video posted by voice actor Hardi, who is also Marin’s husband.

Dragon Ball Super is the continuation of Akira Toriyama‘s classic Dragon Ball manga series, taking place after the defeat of Majin Buu and following the events of Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’ anime feature films. This sequel series is drawn by Toyotarou from Toriyama’s own story and has been serialized in Shueisha’s V Jump since 2015. As with the original series, the anime of Dragon Ball Super is also produced at Toei Animation.

Elex Media has published the original Dragon Ball manga series and also Dragon Ball Super in Indonesia. The original anime series had also been aired in Indonesia at different periods by various channels such as Indosiar, Global TV, and Space Toon. The Indonesian dub of Dragon Ball Super features the voices of Mahindra Yudha Permana as Son Goku, Srilan Wulan as Chichi, Wiwiek Supadmi as Son Goten, Bima Sakti as Bejita (Vegeta), Diah Sekartadji as Bulma, Harry Suseno as Piccolo, Hardi as Beerus, Adith Sidik Permana as Whis, and Solihin Bumi as Mr. Satan.

This article has been updated to include information about Ninja Hattori’s dubbed theme song.

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