Shiraga Yanko is one of the cosplayers who came at BIJAC no Tanjoiwai 9 at Binus International. She came with the cosplay of Kashima from game Kantai Collection and gave her time to have a chat with KAORI Nusantara.

Because we were unable to have conversation in English, instead the conversation is using a help from Mandarin (Chinese) language translator.

Thank you for coming to BIJAC this year. As a cosplayer, what is the most interesting case for you?

I’ve got a lot of interesting experience, but the most fun about it is when I’m cosplay, I can became any characters I love.

You’re came from Taiwan right, how is cosplay at there?

What I like is at Taiwan, we cosplayers are helping each other when making costumes and a fight between cosplayers are rarely happens.

Who is your favourite cosplayers?

I love Shimo, Ely, Hana, and Baozi

When you need to choose, what kind of male person you want?

For me, I don’t really want something and also doesn’t have to be having some particular body (laughing), all that matters are has the same hobby and feels nice to chat, but the most important is, can be asked to play LOL or rhythm game together.

What is your impression about Indonesia?

Indonesia sure is hot, but the peoples are nice.

The Indonesian Anime Times | original text by Kevin W and Hamdan M | translated by Dellamarsto Bagus

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