Indonesia’s largest cosplay event, CLAS:H (Cosplay Live-action Show Hybrid) is back! This year’s CLAS:H 2017 kicked off on Sunday (22/1) in Bandung, West Java. CLAS:H 2017 gathers many talented cosplayers showing off their skills in various competitions.

CLAS:H 2017 also invited several guest stars, one of them is Usagi, a cosplayer hailing from Japan. Donning her Superstar-class Gita (Djeeta) costume from Cygames’ popular mobile game, Granblue Fantasy, Usagi appears on stage and greeted her fans.

KAORI Team manages to catch Usagi on stage and asked a few questions about her cosplay career, her interest in Granblue Fantasy, as well as her opinion on Indonesia’s cosplay scene.

Usagi greeting her fans in CLAS:H Bandung 2017 (Photo: Rafly N)

Good afternoon! You’ve just arrived in Bandung this morning, anything to say about Indonesia?

Good afternoon! Wow, it’s really hot here in Bandung! I’m surprised that people are able to cosplay in this kind of heat.

Have you ever traveled to other countries besides Indonesia?

Yes, I’ve visited several places, such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

(Photo: Irfan D)

From those countries you’ve mentioned before, what do you like about them?

It’s very exciting to travel outside Japan because I can meet with other people even though I don’t really understand their language. Language barrier can be very frustrating, but I don’t really pay attention to it because even though we don’t understand each others’ languages it’s still very exciting for me to meet new people and getting to know each other in different places.

I have a special memory in Hong Kong, where I’m on stage with one of Granblue Fantasy‘s voice actor.

How long have you been into cosplay?

I think I’ve been into cosplay for 8 years long.

Have you collaborated with other cosplayers?

Yes, I’ve collaborated with Kaname for several times now.

(Photo: Irfan D)

You’ve cosplayed as Gita (Djeeta) and Vira, both from Granblue Fantasy. Do you have some kind of interest towards the game?

Actually I really like playing Granblue Fantasy and I’m currently looking forward to Granblue Fantasy the Animation, that’s why I took an interest in cosplaying both Gita (Djeeta) and Vira.

How did you start cosplaying as Granblue Fantasy characters?

I happened to enter a Granblue Fantasy cosplay competition held by Cygames and came out on top as the winner. From there, I started to cosplay as characters from Granblue Fantasy.

About that doll you’re carrying… Can you tell us more about it?

Oh right, this is a doll of Vyrn, one of the characters from Granblue Fantasy. Mind you that he’s actually a dragon, not a lizard! By the way, this doll is sold officially by Cygames, which means I didn’t made it by myself.

Vyrn doll (Photo: Irfan D)

Do you have other favorite characters outside Granblue Fantasy?

I’ve watched several anime and played several games too. Besides Granblue Fantasy, I really like Yamato and Mutsu from Kantai Collection.

Let’s talk about Cosplay. What do you think of the cosplayers here in Indonesia?

To be honest I couldn’t really say much because I’ve just been here moments ago, but from what I’ve seen, I’m very impressed that they can cosplay under this heat. Some of the cosplayers here are cute, too.

(Photo: Irfan D)

One last question: Having been in the cosplay scene for 8 years, what do you think is the most important in cosplay?

I think the most important thing in cosplay is love. Our love towards cosplay and the characters is very important in cosplay.

KAORI Newsline | Interview by Rafly Nugroho | Photos by Irfan Dhafirwan | Translation by Videtra Reynaldi

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