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Fall 2020 Anime: Grand Blues!

Information and commentary from Fall 2020 anime Grand Blues!

Public Survey: Anime Watching Habits in Ramadan

Back in 2018, we asked readers about how ramadan affects their habits in watching anime and playing certain kind of games.

Winter 2019 Anime: Manaria Friends

Information and commentary from winter 2019 anime Manaria Friends.

Spring 2017 Anime: Granblue Fantasy the Animation

Check out information and commentary about Granblue Fantasy the Animation anime, which aired in the spring of 2017.

Usagi Cosplayer Interview: Vyrn is Not a Lizard!

From her first cosplay experience to the story behind her Granblue cosplays, read through our interview with Usagi here!


Opinion: Why “Mieruko-Chan” Could Be Scary and Funny (And Wholesome) At...

How "Mieruko-chan" combines horror and comedy? This article examines similarities between the structure of Japanese horror and comedy writing.

Opinion: Is Mecha Anime Dead? “Getter Robo Arc” and the State...

"Getter Robo Arc" delivers as the latest entry in the historic mecha franchise, but its production might just be indicative of the death of a certain kind of mecha anime.

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