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Winter 2023 Anime: D4DJ All Mix

Information and commentary from the winter 2023 anime "D4DJ All Mix"

Summer 2021 Anime: D_CIDE TRAUMEREI The Animation

Information and commentary from summer 2021 anime D_CIDE TRAUMEREI The Animation

“BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia 1: Promise” Anime Film to be...

On their social media, Muse Indonesia has confirmed that "BanG Dream!: Episode of Roselia" part 1 will be released in Indonesian cinemas

Spring 2021 Anime: Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood

Information and Commentary from spring 2021 anime Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood.

“D4DJ First Mix” Anime Review: A Pleasing Addition to The Franchise

"D4DJ First Mix" presents the feel-good tales of the DJ girls with well-integrated songs and emotionally expressive CG animation.

Winter 2021 Anime: Cells at Work! CODE BLACK

Information and commentary from winter 2021 anime Cells at Work! CODE BLACK

“Assault Lily: Bouquet” Anime Review: Can It be a Decent Starting...

Though giving mixed impressions, can "Assault Lily: Bouquet" still become a decent starting point for this mix-media project?

Fall 2020 Anime: D4DJ First Mix

Information and commentary from fall 2020 anime D4DJ First Mix

Fall 2020 Anime: Assault Lily: Bouquet

Information and commentary from Fall 2020 anime Assault Lily: Bouquet

“RWBY Volume 7” Web Series Review: A Great Ride with Compelling...

Team RWBY's adventure continues with more compelling storytelling and character development.

Celebrating the Release of “Evangelion: 3.0+1.0”, Uniqlo’s “Evangelion UT” Line Up...

With the release of "Evangelion 3.0+1.0" is getting closer, Uniqlo Indonesia celebrates with their new line-up of Evangelion UT.

“Astra Lost in Space” Anime Review: A Great Journey to Discover...

With great writing and pacing, the survival sci-fi series, "Astra Lost in Space", becomes a hidden gem within the Summer 2019 season.

Celebrating 25th Anniversary of Sailor Moon Manga, Uniqlo Released “Sailor Moon...

Sailor Moon returns to Indonesia through T-shirts from Uniqlo Indonesia

Uniqlo Released Their Latest Line Up of Manga UT to Celebrate...

After shirts featuring Shonen Jump and Shonen Sunday titles, Uniqlo's next lineup of Manga UT released in Indonesia celebrates Shonen Magazine's anniversary.

Opinion: In Defense of “your name.” and Kishōtenketsu as Narrative Technique

What can we learn from the narrative structure of Makoto Shinkai's enormously successful film "your name."?

Uniqlo Released “Makoto Shinkai Film Collections UT” in Indonesia

Just as Makoto Shinkai's "Weathering with You" has been released in Japan, shirts inspired by Shinkai's films have also been available at Uniqlo Indonesia.

Staff Picks: 10 Gender Bender Isekai Recommendations

Winter 2022 saw two anime adaptations of isekai series with gender bender element. This list gathers some other examples of gender bender isekai that can also be explored.

Spring 2022 Anime: Ya Boy Kongming!

Information and commentary from the spring 2022 anime "Ya Boy Kongming!".

Agate and PQube Released “Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2” on...

On their website, Pqube mentioned that "Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2" will also be available on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.