Alright, I’m Naufal from KAORI Nusantara, Indonesia’s most trusted anime website, and I’m here with Mr. Tooru Furuya, the voice of Amuro Ray, Tuxedo Mask, Pegasus Seiya and more recently, Sabo from One Piece too!  How are you today?

I’m fine, thank you!

My first question is, between Pegasus Seiya, Tuxedo Mask and Amuro, which one do you like most?

*laughs* Oh, it’s a difficult question. Umm, I think it’s Pegasus Seiya.

Pegasus Seiya from Saint Seiya (Masami Kurumada/Shueisha ・ Toei Animation)

Even though you have been the voice of Amuro for 37 years?

When I perform as Seiya, I gain spirit and positivity. That’s it.

My second question, you know that Pegasus Seiya, Tuxedo Mask, Amuro are main characters. Do you have any problems when you voice acting as these main characters?

No Problem! No problem at all.

Amuro Ray (Sotsu ・ Sunrise)
Amuro Ray from Mobile Suit Gundam (Sotsu ・ Sunrise)

Then, having been involved with Gundam series for 37 years, what’s on your mind when you were working with brilliant minds such as Yoshiyuki Tomino? What do you think about working with such great person?

When I was working on the Gundam series, I did not really get close to the director. However, I did get close with Char’s voice Actor, Shuichi Ikeda. Back in the days we don’t really drink much, but now after worked together, we like to drink and golf together.

In your long voice acting career, is there any difference on the voice acting scene between your debut and the current scene?

When I first started, which is 50 years ago, the footage of the anime used to be shown on a big screen and based on that, we recorded the voices into a tape. Whereas now, we have video monitors to show the anime footage, and the voices are recorded digitally.

Back then, they needed to make the room dark in order to start the recording. But now, we can do it in a lit room.

For your next project, do you want to share us a little bit info for it? For the next season perhaps?

Currently, I’m working on the voice of Sabo in One Piece and Tooru Amuro from Detective Conan (Case Closed) and also Amuro for Gundam: The Origin. That’s all.

Tooru Amuro from Detective Conan/Case Closed (Gosho Aoyama/Shogakukan ・ YTV ・ TMS)
Tooru Amuro from Detective Conan/Case Closed (Gosho Aoyama/Shogakukan ・ YTV ・ TMS)

Last but not the least, for any aspiring voice actors and actresses out there, any motivational speech, or suggestion?

Other than studying as a voice actor and for formal education, I also recommend to experience things in life. It could start from something you love, or even playing sports or maybe just an event that moves your heart.

For a really final request, can you do the Pegasus Punch with me?

*laughs* alright, let’s do it again. *proceeds to do pegasus punch*

Thank you very much, and have a good day!

The Indonesian Anime Times | Text, photo and video by Naufal Bayuaji Pawenang

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