Super GT 2016 Race Schedule

Just like last year, the 2016 Super GT race season will be held in 8 series of races. There are no changes in the race locations, where 7 series are held in Japan and 1 in Thailand.

The order of the race went through another change, currently following the schedule similar to the 2014 season. The Buriram and Autopolis race, previously held as a 3rd and 7th series respectively, has been “swapped” for this year. The Sugo series went up from 6th race to 4th, pushing down Fuji 300km and Suzuka 1000km to the 5th and 6th race. One interesting fact is that the Fuji 500km race (2nd leg of the race) is going to be held on weekdays, during the Golden Week holidays.

Below is the schedule for the 2016 Super GT season.

#1. Okayama GT 300 km – Okayama International Circuit – 9-10 April 2016.

#2. Fuji GT 500km – Fuji Speedway – 3-4 May 2016.

#3. Autopolis GT 300 km – Autopolis – 21-22 May 2016.

#4. Sugo GT 300 km – Sportsland SUGO – 23-34 July 2016.

#5. Fuji GT 300 km – Fuji Speedway – 6-7 August 2016.

#6. 45th International Suzuka 1000 km – Suzuka Circuit – 27-28 August 2016.

#7. Buriram United Super GT Race 300 km – Chang International Circuit – 8-9 October 2016.

#8. Motegi 250 km – Twin Ring Motegi – 12-13 November 2016.

The Indonesian Anime Times | Original text by Tanto Dhaneswara, translated by Videtra Reynaldi and Eri Gunawan S

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