Lycoris Recoil just finished its anime series last month. It turned out to be one of the most favourite anime from the summer 2022 season, constantly ranked high on some anime poll websites like Anime Corner and Anitrendz. Besides its gorgeous action and animation, the relationship between the two main leads, Chisato and Takina, also becomes a major talking point in the anime.

However, Chisato and Takina aren’t the only “girl with guns” characters from the Japanese media. In this article, we asked KAORI contributors about their favourite “girl with guns” characters from anime, manga, and other Japanese media. Let’s check them out:

SPAS-12/Sabrina Franchi (Girls Frontline)

©MICA / Sunborn / 洲川Terras

SPAS-12 in this series isn’t designed by the developer (MICA Team), but more of an original character designed by the artist. Design-wise, the SPAS-12 character is quite “thicc” compared to other T-Doll characters. This is because the real-life SPAS-12 gun is heavier than similar weapons. Other design aspects of SPAS-12 are also inspired by real-life gun trivia. The GIS (Gruppo Intervento Speciale) logo in SPAS-12’s uniform is inspired by the gun’s Italian origin. The AWB of the shield refers to the fact that the weapon is deemed illegal by Federal Assault Weapon Ban (AWB). SPAS-12 also brings a tactical tool called Speedloader with the name of speed shooter Jerry Miculek written on it. I’m disappointed by her lack of screen time in the anime, but she’s easy to obtain in the game. (Aulia Nabih Rizqullah – KAORI Newsline).

M4A1 (Girls Frontline)

©MICA / Sunborn / 洲川Terras

M4A1 is the main character of Girls’ Frontline and the leader of a T-Doll squad which consists of her, M4 SOPMOD II, M16A1, and ST AR-15. She’s a shy girl who cares about her friends but also struggles to make critical decisions. Fortunately, she also has great character development. Her character is slowly developed in the story. She may have weaknesses, but she’s always trying to improve herself. Many players found her conflict relatable. Of course, she got much screen time both in anime and in the game, which means it’s easier for the player to understand her problem (Aulia Nabih Rizqullah – KAORI Newsline).

Momoka Sonokawa (Sabage-bu!)

©Hidekichi Matsumoto, Kodansha/”Sabage-bu!!” Production Committee

To be honest, the only reason I pick this character is due to her Seiyuu being Ayaka Ohashi (sorry :3). Besides her cute and nice image, she’s also a “bad” girl who has sadistic sides. You will always see unexpected things from her in every episode. But that part will make you laugh at her more often. For me that makes her a unique character in the series.

As for you guys who are seeking some survival theme anime, well please lower your expectation. But if you’re looking for some cute girls holding some gun and doing some little club battle, I guess Sabage-bu! will be a good watch? But don’t expect good storytelling, because most of the story is about comedy and side jokes. At least you should have a good couple of laughs while watching the anime (Cakra Bhirawa – KAORI Newsline).

Akemi Homura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

© Magica Quartet/Aniplex・Madoka Movie Project

When I think about girls with guns, the first thing that comes to mind is the gunfight between Homura and Mami in Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie 3: Rebellion. It’s a beautiful dogfight between two magical girls with guns. Seriously, watch the movie. It’s an amazing scene that shows that Shaft isn’t just about weird poses and idiosyncratic edits. They are also capable of creating some amazing animation, and the Madoka series is one of them.

But why do I choose Homura, not Mami? I think Homura’s cool and slender look suited my image of a “girl with guns” more. Also, Homura in the original Madoka series has a really good story and motivation. She’s just an introverted girl who wants to save her friend (Or girlfriend, depending on how you see it). Compared to her, Mami doesn’t really have screen time. I mean, you know what happened to her in the original series, right? (Dany Muhammad – The Indonesian Anime Times).

Kiana Kaslana (Honkai Impact 3)

© miHoYo. All Rights Reserved.

The reason is simple: Kiana is a character that can be obtained at the start of the game. A “girl with guns” always looks cool to me, and Kiana’s coolness is heavily influenced by her gun-fu. Her design is also cute, with her twintail and tsun-tsun character. For those who played the game, Kiana’s tragic backstory also becomes her other strong point (Tanto Dhaneswara – KAORI Newsline).

Altair (Re:CREATORS)

© 2017 Hiroe Hiroe / Shogakkan / Aniplex

Altair is one of the Re:CREATORS characters that was created with the “cool factor” in mind. And you know what? It works. Her complex “military uniform” dress design? Check. Her cold-blood persona? Check. Her OP ability to summon any weapon and skill on a whim? Check. Her ol’ trusty submachine gun? Check? The odd way she used said gun like a fiddle? Also check! (Tanto Dhaneswara – KAORI Newsline).

Revy (Black Lagoon)

©2006,2010 Rei Hiroe, Shogakukan/BLACK LAGOON Production Committee

When I thought about women with guns, I immediately remembered Revy from Black Lagoon! She is a very tough woman with a very bad temper and is rude, a contrasting opposite to the more diplomatic and calculating main male character of the series, Rock. Despite that, she is one of the best gunfighters in the series. Most of the time, she carried a pair of Beretta 92F with “9mm Sword Cutlass” engraved on them.

About Black Lagoon, if you ever look for high-tension action with top-of-the-notch gunfights that would make your blood boils, this anime is a perfect recommendation for you! (Keinda D. Adilia – The Indonesian Anime Times)

Kino (Kino’s Journey)

©2017 Keiichi Shigsawa / KADOKAWA ASCII Media Works / Kino’s Journey Club

While travelling, Kino always brings a weapon arsenal for anything that might happen across her journey and has those weapons always ready. Usually, she carries an 1851 Colt Navy Revolver nicknamed “Canon” and Colt Woodsman “Woodsman” as her go-to guns. Not just with pistols, she also got her way with rifles and machine guns.

Kino’s Journey is a very perfect anime for those with curiosities and looking for adventure-themed anime. It is very fascinating and interesting with episodes you can watch individually. (Keinda D. Adilia – The Indonesian Anime Times).

K.K. (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

©2017 Yasuhiro Naito/Shueisha, Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYOND Production Committee

K.K. from Blood Blockade Battlefront is a member of Libra, an organization that keeps the balance of the world in Hellsalems’ Lot. She fights using a move called 954 Blood Bullet Arts, where she used a gun that can convert her blood into electricity (She has a lot of firepowers too). She is also a mom of two sons, with her daily life being portrayed in the Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYOND episode 9 titled Bratatat Mom. For me, what makes her endearing as a gunslinger character is her personality. She showed a different personality at home and on a mission. At home, she somehow shows her comedic side, worrying about her kids, and gossiping. But on a mission, she’s just a cool bratatat mom. (Vina Nurziani – The Indonesian Anime Times)

That’s it for our favourite “girl with guns” characters list. Did any of them shoot your heart? If you have your own favourites, put them in the comment below!

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