Algorocks and Simpleton, two game studios based in Indonesia, plan to release Grammarian Ltd. on Nintendo Switch on January 25, 2023. The pre-order will begin on January 12, 2023, with a 50% discount.

Previously, Grammarian Ltd. was released on PC, Android, and iOS mobile phones on April 20, 2022. The game has received several recognitions, including the “Best Made in Indonesia” game in the Google Play Best Of Awards 2022 and the “Game of the Year” nominations in the Indonesia Game Awards 2022. The game has also been featured on the front page of the Google Play Store in multiple countries.

About the Game

Set in 2099, the elected president, Baroque Omaha, has issued a decree that everything must use correct grammar (yes, everything, including a recipe or a program variable). Because of a mix-up, you are now working as a grammar validator in the biggest grammar validation agency.

Use your grammar and management skills to work your way up from “Junior Passable Intern” to “Editor Extraordinaire.” Learn from eighty chapters of grammar and play with more than 800 documents. 

Upgrade and decorate your apartment, ride a helicopter to the office, or buy candy for extra stamina. Do whatever it takes to keep from being demoted, or worse . . . blowing your cover.

With the release of the game, both studios aim to deliver a grammar game that is fun to play while still maintaining its educational purpose. Algorocks founder and CEO Adib Toriq said: 

“I’ve always struggled with grammar. So, I thought, there should be a game for this, right? I mean, with 750 million people learning English as a foreign or second language, you would expect there to be some exciting games to strengthen those skills. But most of the games I found were like chocolate-covered broccoli. Meaning that they offered a benefit, but they were certainly not appetizing.

Grammarian Ltd. is our attempt at making a new kind of treat with all the benefits of a traditional learning game. We want the player to feel the enjoyment of the game while at the same time learning grammar.”

Key Features

  1. 1000++ Documents for the player to validate,
  2. 80+ Grammar Briefs for the player to learn,
  3. Grammar duel as a requirement for the player to be promoted,
  4. Light and humorous story to add as a narrative aspect,

About Algorocks

Algorocks is an Indonesia-based game studio founded in 2016. We’re better known for developing Startup Panic, a simulation game about creating a start-up company. We focus our creativity, tenacity, and energy on crafting simulation games.

About Simpleton

Simpleton is a small indie game dev team based in Malang, Indonesia. We make games that entice and excite the player to try harder, fight harder, and push themselves to achieve the limits of their abilities. Prior to Grammarian Ltd., we developed various games like Paw Paw Paw and Loading Story.

Grammarian Ltd. Info

Game Name Grammarian Ltd.
Platform Steam, Play Store, App Store, Nintendo Switch
Release Date (Nintendo Switch) January 25, 2023
Genre Puzzle, Management, Education
High Concept The easiest way to describe Grammarian Ltd. is like “Papers, Please,” but instead of validating entry passports, players must validate documents for their grammatical correctness. 

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