Idol Jihen sets in a future Japan, in the verge of collapse by chronic social and economical problems. To bypass the political deadlock, idol political parties system is formed. Seven idol political parties participate in this new system, reaching the electorate with song, hope, and love to win the election.


Idol Jihen blends two distinct material: politics and idol. It’s rare to find politically-themed anime in Japan (Gate and Outbreak Company are some exceptions), and seeing some staffs debut at their new position in this anime, it’s not so easy to predict whether the execution would be good or ended miserably.

The anime opened with brief explanation about Japan’s situation. After death of aparliament member by food choking, the story turned into somewhat copy of Love Live! series, then it switched to a brief glimpse of other political party’s internals. If the production team is serious about this anime (e.g: to bring House of Cards-style political conspiracy within idol realm), this show will become very interesting. However, if they ended doing it as just other idol-themed anime, the reception is most likely will not very warm at the end of the season.

Facts and Figures

Alternative title  Idol Incidents, アイドル事変
Source material Transmedia project by Mages
Casts Mai Fuchigami as Shizuka Onimaru
Sarara Yashima as Natsuki Hoshina
Chika Anzai as Isuzu Narukami
Chinatsu Akasaki as Mika Kozuru
Haruka Terui as Sayo Nekohira
Lynn as Mizuki Fūdo
Nozomi Yamamoto as Ringo Yami
Reina Ueda as Sachie Kondō
Saeko Zōgō as Konatsu Shinjō
Satomi Akesaka as Ruru Kitani
Sayaka Nakaya as Ume Momoi
Yuri Yoshida as Kuruha Amō
Yurika Kubo as Sakurako Iizuka
Director Daisuke Yoshida (debut as director)
Scenario Naoya Takayama (Chihayafuru)
Character design Mai Ishii (debut as character designer)
Opening theme Utae! Ai no Kōyaku by SMILE♥X
Ending theme Respect by with
Studio Studio Voln
Official website
Broadcast date 8 January 2017 (1430 GMT, 2130 WIB, 2330 JST)

Screenshot and Trailer

(Mages / Idol Jihen Production Commitee)
(Mages / Idol Jihen Production Commitee)
(Mages / Idol Jihen Production Commitee)

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