Minori had all of misfortune: illness-stricken, constantly bullied, and orphan. After a certain rainy day, she disappeared from school without anyone noticed, because of her being admitted in a hospital far from the school. After 2 months passed, two of her classmates, Takashi and Kyouko, received an anonymous email with the content about a summer festival taking place at a nearby town.


The first episode brings a very sensitive issue: bullying. Even though the bullying acts that are displayed are limited to verbal abuses, your emotion may rise up a bit after seeing how those kids act rudely toward minori. It feels like watching Koe no Katachi, but with a strange feeling of seeing a highschooler act that rude. Maybe only stupid people who will do that kind of thing. At least after watching this series, you will learn that bullying is a stupid thing to do, and doing good deeds are more comfortable to be done. If you prefer a drama series that begin with a misfortune, this 10 minutes anime is worth to be watched.

Facts and Figures

Source material Web novel by Natural-Rain
Alternative title Lights of the Clione
Casts Aina Suzuki as Kaho Ichinose                    Akari Kageyama as Sayaka Hama                Kana Aoi as Sakura Inoue                        Misaki Ōhashi as Kōsuke Okishima              Moa Tsukino as Shōta Sayama              Natsuko Hara as Kyōko Tsukihashi              Rico Sasaki as Nanami Yukine                    Riho Iida as Yuna Nagino                        Sayuri Matsumura as Minori Amamiya    Shunya Ōhira as Takashi Aoi                      Yuki Fujita as Gen Isozaki
Director Naoya Ishikawa (Magical Chocolate)
Series composition MOLICE, Natural-Rain, Takeshi Onaka, Tsukasa
Character design Natural Rain
Opening theme “Clione no Akari” by aki
Ending theme “Sora wo Tobu Kaze” by aki
Studio drop
Official site
Twitter @clionenoakari
Broadcast date 12 July 2017 (2020 JST/ 1820 WIB/ 1120 GMT)

Screenshots and Trailer

©Natural-Rain/Clione No Akari Production Comittee
©Natural-Rain/Clione No Akari Production Comittee
©Natural-Rain/Clione No Akari Production Comittee
©Natural-Rain/Clione No Akari Production Comitte

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