Jakarta, 19 July 2017 –C3 Anime Festival Asia (C3 AFA) Jakarta 2017, one of the biggest Japanese pop culture events in South East Asia, has announced the first wave of contents for the event happening in Jakarta, Indonesia from 18 – 20 August 2017 at JIExpo.

C3 AFA Jakarta 2017 aims to bring in the latest and best content from Japan, straight to Indonesia Japanese pop culture fans.

Featured anime: Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic

C3 AFA Jakarta will be screening Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic on the day stage. Black Butler is a popular comic and animation series amongst young women, Black Butler focuses on the chronicles of a young master, Ciel Phantomhive and his butler, Sebastian.

There will also be a dedicated Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic booth at C3 AFA Jakarta and fans can look forward to photo-taking opportunities and exclusive merchandises.

Featured anime: Frame Arms Girls and voice actress Rika Abe

From model-kit maker, Kotobukiya, comes an animated series about their popular model-kits, Frame Arms Girls.

One day, ordinary high school student, Ao, received a mysterious parcel containing a plastic model kit: Gourai. However Gourai isn’t just any ordinary Frame Arms Girl, she is endowed with human-like emotions,

Voice actress Rika Abe voices Hresvelgr, an energetic and foolish Frame Arms Girl. Rika Abe will be visiting Jakarta for the first time. Rika Abe has previously voiced Mizuki Makabe in popular, THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live! series.

Special screening: HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2016 Japan Tour

We’ll be screening an excerpt from the “HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2016 Japan Tour,” the very first full concert tour in Japan by virtual singer Hatsune Miku! Of the 5-city 12-show series, the final Tokyo concert will be shown.

As the symbol for a new era of creative culture, Hatsune Miku has garnered support worldwide, even collaborating with renowned artists such as Lady Gaga, Amuro Namie, and BUMP OF CHICKEN.

Additional line-up: May’n to join I love anisong

In light of Ami Wajima’s medical hiatus, May’n will be replacing Ami Wajima and will perform on Saturday, 19 August 2017.

Full line-up:
19 August Saturday: fhána, Konomi Suzuki, May’n and Tomohisa Sako,

20 August Sunday: KISIDAKYODAN AND THE AKEBOSIROCKETS, kradness, Luna Haruna and Shiena Nishizawa

Special guests: CLEANERO

C0LEANERO is a unit group of two childhood friends, clear and nero. They are extremely popular in Japanese video sharing site: Nico Nico Douga. Together, they have a total of more than 30 million views on their videos. The duo previously had a 5-year hiatus and focused on their individual activities.

Special guest: Eve

Singer, songwriter and designer, there is no doubt that Eve has much talents. Eve has released 2 albums so far. Eve also has a line of apparel: harapeco, a line of clothing with a multifaceted perspective that has music at its center.

Special guest: Takaaki Natsuhiro

Singer and songwriter Takaaki Natsuhiro was previously known as Yuei and P-ch! Online. He has garnered many fans for his powerful voice. He was also playing in band since junior high school. He has performed the theme songs for the popular sports animation series: Yowamushi Pedal NEW GENERTATION.

Ticket prices

Ticket type Early Bird Phase 1 Phase 2 On-site
VIP 2-Day package
19 & 20 Aug
Access: Concert VIP + Stage + Exhibition
VIP 1-Day ticket
19 or 20 Aug
Access: Concert VIP + Stage + Exhibition
SOLD OUT Rp1,150,000
GA 2-Day package
19 & 20 Aug
Access: Concert GA + Stage + Exhibition
Rp1,050,000 Rp1,150,000
GA 1-Day ticket
19 or 20 Aug
Access: Concert VIP + Stage + Exhibition
Rp575,000 Rp650,000
E+S 2-Day package
19 & 20 Aug
Access: Stage + Exhibition
E+S 1-Day ticket
19 or 20 Aug
Access: Stage + Exhibition
Rp210,000 Rp225,000
Exhibition 1-Day ticket
18 or 19 or 20 Aug
Access: Exhibition

 *All prices subject to government tax and ticketing fee.

Tickets can be bought at:  https://www.loket.com/event/anime-festival-asia-2017

Companies, Corporate Booth spaces and Booth Participants wishing to exhibit at C3 AFA Jakarta should contact the organisers at afaid@sozo.sg. Booth spaces are very limited to availability. Companies interested in sponsorship opportunities may also contact C3 AFA Jakarta at the same email.

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