Virtual YouTuber has been currently trending over the past few years due to the appearance of Kizuna Ai. Many virtual YouTuber has also been appearing one another in Japan, including Yua-chan.

Kawaii Overload! Meet Japan’s Next-Gen YouTuber, Yua-chan!

However, this new virtual YouTuber is different others as she comes from Indonesia. Tessa is a Virtual YouTuber created by Gang 7 and has been active on YouTube since February 2018. Tessa also has her own Facebook page that can be accessed here.

In Tessa’s videos, she talked about many things. Starting from sharing her experience in Bandung’s comic book fair, Pasar Komik Bandung (Pakoban) 2018, giving tutorial on cooking instant noodles, talking about pirated comics, and also appearing in different sets of costumes like pajamas, policewoman, casual clothing, etc.

Recently, Tessa uploaded a video where she speaks in Japanese about herself. Watch it here:

The Indonesian Anime Times

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