If you’re savvy on upcoming online trends from Japan, then chances are you may have stumbled across Yua-chan, the super kawaii next-generation YouTuber that launched her official channel on October 4th at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) earlier this year.

What makes Yua-chan different from the average Japanese YouTuber? Check out her channel and profile below to find out.


  • Full Name: Yua Fujisaki (Yua-chan)
  • Occupation: High School Student
  • Birthday: October 4th
  • Blood Type: A
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Twitter Handle: @yua_ch
  • Goals: Make friends from around the world through YouTube!

Her channel features videos of everything from game playthroughs to comedy, of course with a mix of lovable chit-chat.

Yua took the stage at the booth run by game and production studio Exys during TGS, where she chatted directly with the crowd through a large monitor. Japan’s highest paid professional cosplayer, Enaco, was also in attendance, dressed as Yua in an adorable outfit designed by none other than Osare Company’s Shinobu Kayano, the genius responsible for outfitting AKB48.

©Exys Inc.
©Exys Inc.

Yua-chan is updating her channel regularly and awaiting your comments and requests. She’s happy to dance to your favorite song, walk you through the hottest new video game, give you her opinion on popular anime, and more. Help Yua achieve her goal of making friends from around the world! Her videos are all in Japanese but feature closed captions in English and Spanish

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