Report: Yowamushi Pedal to Air on Global TV


Local TV Channel Global TV reportedly will air the Yowamushi Pedal anime. The information comes from Hardi, one of the voice actors involved in the dubbing project. The anime is planned to take over Dragon Ball GT after the latter ends its run on Global TV. Even so, there hasn’t been any official announcements from Global TV.

The following is the list of voice actors rumored to participate in Yowamushi Pedal‘s Indonesian dub:

Leni M Tarra as Sakamichi Onoda
Mohammad Romli Himura as Shunsuke Imaizumi
Hardi as Shoukichi Naruko & Yuusuke Makishima
Yudhi Pakusewu as Shingo Kinjou & Terufumi Sugimoto
Rujani Pahlusi as Jin Tadokoro & Touji Kanzaki
Wan Leony Mutiarza as Miki Kanzaki
Mariam Merry Pahlusi

Yowamushi Pedal is an anime series adapted from a manga with the same title by Wataru Watanabe. The manga tells the story of Sakamichi Onoda, a high school student who is also an otaku. To fulfill his anime and game hobbies, Onoda routinely cycled his way from his home to Akihabara back and forth with a total of 90 kilometers. His life changed when he started high school when he met cycling club members Shunsuki Imaizumi and Shokichi Naruko, who introduced him to the world of bicycle racing. Onoda decided to join Sohoku High School’s cycling club. The anime is produced by TMS Entertainment Studio for 2 seasons long. The manga itself also has been released in Indonesia by the publisher m&c!

The Indonesian Anime Times | Photo courtesy of Mohammad Romli, Yudhi Pakusewu, Rujani Pahlusi, Mariam Merry Pahlusi, & Private Collection

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