Radio of the Republic of Indonesia reported that the public broadcaster’s senior newscaster and dubber Prabawati Sukarta binti Imam Suparjo has passed away on June 15, 2020.

Prabawati’s most well-known dub role is as the character Shizuka Minamoto in Doraemon, a popular long-running anime series based on the manga series by Fujiko F. Fujio about a robot cat from the future who is sent back to the past to help a fifth grader named Nobita. In the series, the pretty and kind Shizuka is a friend of Nobita, who has a crush on her. Prabawati had dubbed the character since the series was first shown on Indonesian TV station in the 1990s. She left the role in 2006, but briefly returned to the role in 2008 until she retired in 2009.

The Indonesian Anime Times


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