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Elex Media to Publish “Doraemon” Volume 0, “Shiomi-chan” in Indonesia

Other than the special "Doraemon" Volume 0 and "Shiomi-chan," the release window for "Takahashi is Hearing It" has also been confirmed.

Doraemon Indonesian Dub Actress Nurhasanah Passed Away

The late Nurhasanah has held the role of Doraemon in Indonesian dub for longest time.

Shizuka Dub Actress Prabawati Sukarta Passes Away at 64

Prabawati has dubbed the character in Indonesian for over a decade.

Doraemon: Nobita and the Birth of Japan 2016 will be Coming...

Get ready for Doraemon: Nobita and The Birth of Japan 2016 Remake! coming soon to Indonesia!

Stand By Me Doraemon Movie Reached One Million Viewers

Attendance was greatly increased when the holiday season arrived.


Do Indonesian Fans Read Light Novels? Survey of Interest Towards Light...

In early 2020, KAORI Nusantara conducted a survey to see the interests of Indonesian fans towards light novels.

Is There a Future for Light Novels in Indonesia? A Brief...

KAORI looks back at how licensed light novels have been doing in Indonesia before the release of highly popular "Sword Art Online" in 2021.

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