Following the passing of Shizuka dub actress Prabawati Sukarta in June 2020, another Doraemon dubber has passed away. Nurhasanah Iskandar, a senior journalist and newscaster at public broadcaster Radio of the Republic of Indonesia (RRI), who is also the voice of Doraemon in the Indonesian dub of Doraemon anime series, has passed away on Sunday (12/7). The news has also been confirmed by other Doraemon dub actors, including Agus Nurhasan (voice of Suneo Honekawa in 2006-2008) and Bima Sakti (voice of Giant/Takeshi Gouda).

At RRI, Nurhasanah was active in the production of radio plays. She started working on dubs through an Indian drama together with Maria Oentoe Tinangon. Nurhasanah was not the first dubber of Doraemon in Indonesia, but after taking the role from Anita Riyadi, she had held the role for the longest since 1993. She temporarily left the role in 2006 and was replaced by Selvy Hosizah befiore returning to the role shortly afterwards. She began to step down from the role in 2017 due to health issues. Now, her son Dana Robbyansyah has taken over the role of Doraemon.

The Indonesian Anime Times

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