It has been announced that Wolpis Carter’s new song “Overseas Highway” was selected as the new ending theme song of TV Anime “Digimon Adventure:” from March 2021. The song became now available globally for streaming/download from March 10, 2021 at 12:00 am(JST).

Wolpis Carter is a popular Japanese male singer. His singing videos have been viewed over 25 million times in total to date.

The song, “Overseas Highway” was composed by Vocaloid P Orangestar, and the lyrics were co-written by Wolpis Carter and Orangestar. The song is filled with a cool, early-summer sound, and features the powerful yet beautiful high tone voice of Wolpis Carter.

Don’t miss the new song from a super-powerful tag team from Internet: Wolpis Carter and Orangestar.

“Overseas Highway” is now available on various music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, AWA, YouTube. Links for Streaming.

For more information about the song, check out the official website and Twitter.

Overseas Highway
Release: Wed, March 10, 2021
Lyrics: Wolpis Carter / Orangestar
Music: Orangestar
Arrangement: Loin
Links for Streaming:

Message from Wolpis Carter
Wolpis Carter here! I wrote some of the lyrics and sang the new ending theme song “Overseas Highway” for Digimon Adventure:. The theme of the song is “Jump into the unknown!” and we started the production from the lyrics, so I think the song has a strong message. I hope you’ll listen to it a lot! Also it is very high (tones)!

Message from Orangestar
Orangestar is here! I wrote some of the lyrics and composed the music for “Overseas Highway”, the new ending theme song for “Digimon Adventure:”.I watched the first Digimon as a child, so it was a very strange feeling for me to be writing the song myself this time. I also had a lot of fun collaborating with Wolpis-san after a long time!

TV Anime Digimon Adventure:

ウォルピスカーター(Wolpis Carter)

Wolpis Carter is a male “singer” who is known for his high pitched vocals, called as “a high note-ish boy” and has attracted the listeners with his amazing voice.

He is “Shacho”( President ) of Wolpis Inc, devoting their royalty to “high note” Started to post his singing video from 2012. His singing video, “アスノヨゾラ 哨戒班”(Orangestar).
In 2015 has exceed over 15 million views and “泥中に咲く ” in 2018 has been viewed over 35 million times to date At present, the total number of views of his singing videos have exceeded 250 million views in total.

Wolpis Carter Official HP:
Wolpis Carter Twitter:
Wolpis Carter YouTube:


He has been active as a Vocaloid P and music producer since April 2013, when he first posted his work on Nico Nico Douga and became known as “a high school Vocaloid P living in the U.S.” He released his first album “Unfinished Eightbeats” in 2015 and his second album “SEASIDE SOLOQUIES” in 2017. After a two-year hiatus, he re-started his activities in 2020. His representative songs include “”アスノヨゾラ 哨戒班 and “DAYBREAK FRONTLINE”.

Orangestar Twitter:
Orangestar YouTube:

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