Due to the population growth problem, the Japanese government decided to intermediate marriages. When teenagers turn 16, they were assigned a compatible partner by the government. Those who do not abide will be met with a harsh penalty. In his sixteenth birthday, however, the boy Yukari Nejima confessed to his crush, Misaki. Sadly, he had yet to know that Misaki was not his partner.


The premise sounds like an orwellian dystopian story, no? Actually it isn’t. It’s just a simple love story set in that kind of setting. Quite uplifting, but not dark whatsoever. I expected it to be one when watching it, .

My biggest problem here is with the pacing,; too fast and too unnatural. Need to look no further than at its first minute. The exposition of the story’s setting is told in the form of a news broadcast, then it abruptly turned into a classroom scene. This is jarring, especially, since this anime is told from first person perspective. Another problem is the main character, whom we know almost nothing about, other than that he likes Misaki for quite a long time, and that he’s an unorganized boy (seeing his room). That barely tell us anything.

But there’s a reason to be hopeful. The plot, at least, is refreshing and inventive. It took the usual dark, dystopian plot towards a new, refreshing and light path. That is something. At least, for that alone, I want to invest watching Koi to Uso for this season.

Facts and Figures

Alternative title Love and Lie
Source Material Manga of the same name written by Musawo
Casts Kana Hanazawa as Misaki Takasaki
Tachibana Sinnosuke as Yuusuke Nisaka
Makino Yui as Lilina Sanada
Ryota Osaka as Yukari Nejima
Director Seiki Takunoi (Sekkō Boys, My-HiME, Poco’s Udon World)
Scenario Natsuko Takahashi (Ore Monogatari!! Poco’s Udon World)
Original Design Character Eriko Itō (Ane Log, Hamatora)
Opening Theme “Kanashii Ureshii” by Frederic
Closing Theme “Can’t you say” by Roys
Official Website
Broadcast Date July 3 2017 (1500 GMT / 2200 WIT / 0000 JST)

Trailer and Screenshots

© 2017 LIDENFILMS – Koi to Uso Production Committee
© 2017 LIDENFILMS – Koi to Uso Production Committee
© 2017 LIDENFILMS – Koi to Uso Production Committee

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