On Thursday 20 July 2017, the official forum of publisher Elex Media revealed a sneak peek of the list of books that they plan to release on 16 August 2017. One of the book listed are the manga of Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) and Fukigen na Mononokean (The Morose Mononokean). The release date is still tentative and may subject to change.

Other new manga listed are, Miss Otomurai ~of The Funeral Service~ by Noriko Ohtani, Survive! Shachiku-chan by Vitaone, and OS: Sarishinohara by Mikito-P.

Source: Elex Media Forum

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio is a manga series created by Ark Performance and serialized in Young King OURs magazine. In the manga, a mysterious fleet of sentient warships called the Fleet of Fog has apeared in the near future and prevent humanity from crossing the ocean. The story follows Gunzou Chihaya, the captain of small group privateer called “Blue Steel” that possesses the Fog submarine I-401, whose mental model humanoid avatar, Iona, has defected to humanity’s side. The manga had been adapted into anime series in Fall 2013 by studio Sanzigen. Furthermore, Sanzigen also produced two films adaptations that were released on 31 January 2015 and 3 October 2015.

Fukigen na Mononokean is a manga series by Kiri Wazawa and serialized in Gangan Online. Hanae Ashiya is high school student who has been haunted by youkai. After visiting an exorcist called “Mononokean,” Ashiya ended up working for the exorcist. The manga has been adapted into an anime series in Summer 2016 by studio Perrot+.

Comic book release date schedules are tentative and the availability of the books may vary between bookshops.

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