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Their journey has begun. Reg and Riko arrives in the Abyss’ first layer, Edge of Abyss. All is safe and sound. But it turns out Leader has found their scheme and is chasing them. Riko and Reg must now rush deeper from Leader and his companies, amidst all the dangers in the Abyss. With the help of an unsuspecting aid, Reg and Riko descend further down into the Abyss.

It Still won’t Slow Down

At first, I am unsure what to say about this episode. With what happened in episode three, I thought the beginning of act two would be pretty tame and lightly-paced. But, it turns out to be not quite so. This series really doesn’t know how to slow down. That’s a good thing, so far. Good, as in “adequate”.

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Episode four opens with what I think is a crystallization of the previous three episodes. Well, actually only concerning one thing, but it’s still a nice one: Reg. We can see how the journey impacts both main characters, but Reg especially. We always see Reg being swept away by Nat, Siggy or Riko, always seemed to be passive all the time. Well, now he’s not. The conviction we see in him from the last episode is put to the most effect in episode four’s early scene. As Riko and Reg slept sheltered by the bushes, we see Reg’s arms are surrounding them, making some kind of a net. Yes, Reg is now taking the initiative in the action in the story. A nice, development in his personality. And we continuously see him keeping his wits, being cautious all the time. Often he monologues Siggy’s warning about the Abyss’ dangers or his promise to keep Riko safe.

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Things never seem to slow down in this series, because episode four raises the story’s stake even higher. Not by a monster spider, or that giant snake in episode one, but by a single letter from Leader. Indeed, the first layer of the Abyss is a test for Riko and Reg. Whether they have what it it takes to explore the Abyss is put into test by Leader. Riko knows that determination itself is not enough, she needs something to show. That’s why, she refused Habo’s offer to help them.

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For without declining Habo’s offer, I believe the tension in the future episodes won’t be as thrilling, what with both of them having an expert on their backs. This is a nice thing for the progression of the story, to raise the stake and tension. As Reg muses to himself at the end of the episode, they are alone in the realm no ordinary humans should ever take step.

It’s a nice setup, yes. But, without the actual danger in this episode, it lost its supposedly strong charm. Episode four is about finding strength in a desolate and alien world filled with danger. But, Riko and Reg find no immediate perils. They even overcame the monster spider in moments notice. It is unfortunate that this episode is still fast-paced. It makes the episode feels less tight, but has little impact on the series as a whole, I think. We shall see. Let us wait the next episode.

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