Maika gets a job at a cafe where all the waitresses are given certain attributes — such as “tsundere” or “little sister” — to embody while serving customers. The manager asks Maika to be the “Do S” (extreme sadist) waitress, so she will have to adopt a dominant and aggressive persona.


Karim Ibrahim (KAORI Newsline)

Though it may be easy to assume that this would be a short anime, it’s a full length TV series with about 20 minutes of duration, and it reminds me of another anime produced by the same studio titled “Working!!” Mostly taking place in a cafe, this sitcom anime starts with a high school girl who is looking for a part-time job because she wants to study abroad with her own money, even though she is from a rather affluent household. This differs from the premise of the Working!! where the main character works because of outside influence, whether recruited by a cute girl or because of economic needs.

Resting at a cafe after having her job application rejected several times, Maika met the friendly manager of the cafe and was immediately recruited by him. The concept of this cafe is providing service with a variety of unique personalities from the waitresses. The first episode is quite funny and may induce some “shipping”.

Alternative Title Bブレンド・S
Source Material 4 panel comic by Miyuki Nakayama
Akari Kitō as Kaho Hinata
Anzu Haruno as Mafuyu Hoshikawa
Azumi Waki as Maika Sakuranomiya
Atsumi Tanezaki as Miu Amano
Sora Tokui sebagai Hideri Kanzaki
Tatsuhisa Suzuki sebagai Kōyō Akizuki
Tomoaki Maeno sebagai Dino
Rei Matsuzaki sebagai kuranomiya
Director Ryouji Masuyama (debut as series director)
Scenario Go Zappa (Angel’s 3Piece)
Character Design Yousuke Okuda (Is the Order a Rabbit?)
Opening Theme Bon Appétit♡S (ぼなぺてぃーと♡S)” by Blend A (Azumi Waki, Akari Kito, Anzu Haruno)
Closing Theme  Detarame na Minus to Plus ni Okeru Blend-kou by Blend A (Azumi Waki, Akari Kito, Anzu Haruno)
Studio  A-1 Pictures
Official Website
Broadcast date  6 Oktober 2017 (1630 GMT / 2230 WIB / 0030 JST)

Screenshots and Trailer

©Miyuki Nakayama/Yousuke Okuda/A-1 Pictures
©Miyuki Nakayama/Yousuke Okuda/A-1 Pictures
©Miyuki Nakayama/Yousuke Okuda/A-1 Pictures
©Miyuki Nakayama/Yousuke Okuda/A-1 Pictures

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