The idol group from Uranohoshi High School, Aqours, did not make it from the regional preliminary in the previous Love Live! competition. Even so, they are optimistic that prospective students who will enroll to their school will increase thanks to the popularity of Aqours. They also immediately get ready to perform at the Open House to attract prospective students and also re-train to face the next Love Live! competition. But beyond the optimism of Chika and her friends, a bad news came from Mari Ohara, a 3rd grade Aqours member who also serves as Uranohoshi high school principal.


Naufalbepe – KAORI Newsline

9 reasons to watch Love Live! Sunshine!! season 2:

1. You.
2. Kanan’s nice boat
3. Riko being bullied by Chika’ pet dog.
4. Yoshiko’s chuuni moments
6. Chika being Chika as usual
7. Mari tried to bring conflict to the story but i feel it’s hard for the viewers to buy it
8 & 9. Worst siblings of all of the members. Still, i want Ruby as my little sister though.

That’s all.

Tanto Dhaneswara – KAORI Newsline

Where in Love Live! the plot of the idol’s school “future” has been “solved” in the first season, in the second season of Love Live! Sunshine!!, this plot seems to be the main focus. This makes the anime story seem to be a little more “serious” than the first season. Nevertheless, the audience (as well as Aqours fans) will still be entertained by the characters antic (Yohane is still so chuuni!) and the interactions of his characters, especially for those who often “shipped” by the fans (such as Kanan-Mari and Chika-Riko).

The story may have been predictable, but the second season of Love Live! Sunshine!! will remain interesting when you fall in love with the characters. (PS: “We love Ruby!”)

Facts and Figure

Alternate Title ラブライブ!サンシャイン!!
Original Works Multimedia project in collaboration with Lantis, ASCII Media Works, dan Sunrise
Casts Ai Furihata as Ruby Kurosawa
Aika Kobayashi as Yoshiko “Yohane” Tsushima
Aina Suzuki as Mari Ohara
Anju Inami as Chika Takami
Arisa Komiya as Dia Kurosawa
Hekiru Shiina as Yoshiko’s Mother
Kanako Takatsuki as Hanamaru Kunikida
Nanaka Suwa as Kanan Matsūra
Rikako Aida as Riko Sakurauchi
Shuka Saitō as You Watanabe
Director Kazuo Sakai (Mushi-utaLove Live Sunshine!! first season)
Character Design Yuuhei Murota (Love Live! School Idol Project)
Opening Theme Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo” by Aqours
Closing Theme Yūki wa Doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni!” by Aqours
Studio Sunrise
Official Site
Braodcast Date 7 October 2017 (13:30 GMT/20:30 WIT/22:30 JST )

Screenshot and Trailer

© 2017 PROJECT Lovelive! Sunshine!!
“Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby!” © 2017 PROJECT Lovelive! Sunshine!!
“Oops…” © 2017 PROJECT Lovelive! Sunshine!!
© 2017 PROJECT Lovelive! Sunshine!!
© 2017 PROJECT Lovelive! Sunshine!!

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