In order to save her brother and nephew who have been kidnapped by a mysterious kidnapper, Juri and her family casted a spell using a stone hidden by her grandfather to enter the world of stopped time known as Stasis. However, when they infiltrate the kidnapper’s base, they’re met by other people who have the same power.


Dany Muhammad (The Indonesian Anime Times)

In the first half of the episode, Kokkoku spent its time to observe the Yukawa family. As a lower class family, it is easy to sympathise with their problems. Juri, the only “proper” citizen there, is still seeking for a job. Her brother, Tsubasa, is also a NEET. Their problems felt grounded and easy to relate.

However, in the second half of the episode, Kokkoku suddenly switched its gear. The show suddenly felt like a mystery anime with supernatural element. The time freeze scene is executed very well, accompanied with cool CG. The latter half also shows a fighting scene between supernatural power users that involved time freeze and teleportation. As a supernatural anime thriller mystery, Kokkoku is recommended.

Facts and Figures

Source material Manga by Seita Horie
Casts Asami Seto as Shouko Majima
Chika Anzai as Juri Yukawa
Hirofumi Nojima as Tsubasa Yukawa
Hiroyuki Yoshino as Sako
Hitomi Nabatame as Sanae Yukawa
Hozumi Gōda as Junji Sagawa
Kazuhiro Yamaji as Old Man
Kouji Tsujitani as Takafumi Yukawa
Ryūto Iwata as Makoto Yukawa
Yuya Uchida as Shiomi
Director Yoshimitsu Ohashi (Amnesia)
Scenario Noboru Kimura (Accel World)
Character Design Masaki Hinata
Opening Song “Flashback” by MIYAVI vs KenKen
Ending Song “Asayake to Nettaigyo” by Boku no Lyric no Boyomi
Studio Geno
Official Site
Broadcast Date 7 January 2018 (1530 GMT, 2230 WIT), 8 January (0030 JST)

Screenshots and Trailer

“Time Freeze” scene with cool butterfly CG © Seita Horie · Kodansha / “Kokkoku” Production Committee
“Dope” Opening song© Seita Horie · Kodansha / “Kokkoku” Production Committee
It is easy to symphathize with main character and her condition © Seita Horie · Kodansha / “Kokkoku” Production Committee
Mysterious call © Seita Horie · Kodansha / “Kokkoku” Production Committee

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