Aya Asagiri is a middle school girl who becomes target of bullying, both at her school and at  her home. It makes her so depressed she often considers ending her life. One day, a mysterious website suddenly gives her a magical stick that can transport anyone to another place. At first she only uses that power to protect herself from bullies. However, her power actually has darker secrets.


Dany Muhammad (The Indonesian Anime Times)

Keep in mind that some bullying scenes in this anime might make the audience feel uncomfortable. The bullying scenes shown in this anime are quite extreme, like when Sarina inserts a razor blade into Aya’s mouth or when Aya is strangled by her older brother. Although those scenes do not lead to nudity or gore, it is still harsh. The first episode of Magical Girl Site is definitely is not aimed for viewers expecting more upbeat magical girl anime a la Cardcaptor Sakura.

However, those bullying scenes can make Aya’s character feel more sympathetic. It is understandable for her to think about suicide since her life is really miserable. Unlike most main characters from dark magical girl anime who started as normal girl, Aya’s daily life is full of physical bullying and abuse. It is still hard to guess the direction of Magical Girl Site’s story from its first episode, but Aya definitely has a good reason to not go back to her old life when the story started to get darker.

In general, this anime is recommended for viewers who are interested in the dark magical girl theme like Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Magical Girl Raising Project. Some extreme physical bullying scenes may make viewers feel uncomfortable, but it has to be expected from a series that featured this theme. If you are interested with this kind of anime, Magical Girl Site is recommended.

Facts and Figures

Alternate Title Mahou Shoujo Site
Source material Manga by Kentaro Sato
Casts Aina Suzuki as Rina Shioi
Eriko Matsui as Koharu Shūnenji
Haruka Yamazaki as Sarina Shizukume
Himika Akaneya as Tsuyuno Yatsumura
Kaede Hondo as Mikari Izumogamine
Lynn as Asahi Takiguchi
M.A.O as Sayaka Hinaga
Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kaname Asagiri
Ryusei Nakao as Nana
Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Kiichirō Misumi
Yū Serizawa as Nijimi Anazawa
Yuko Ōno as Aya Asagiri
Yumi Hara as Kosame Amagai
Yūya Asato as Keisuke Naoto
Director Tadahito Matsubayashi (Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto)
Scenario Takayo Ikami (Yurikuma Arashi)
Character Design Sakae Shibuya (A Centaur’s Life)
Opening Song “Changing point” by i☆Ris
Ending Song “Zenzen Tomodachi” by Haruka Yamazaki
Studio production doA
Official Site
Broadcast Date 6 April 2018 (1655 GMT, 2355 WIT) , 7 April 2018 (0155 JST)

Screenshots and Trailer

© Kentaro Sato (Akita Shoten) / “Magical Girl Site” Production Committee
© Kentaro Sato (Akita Shoten) / “Magical Girl Site” Production Committee
© Kentaro Sato (Akita Shoten) / “Magical Girl Site” Production Committee
© Kentaro Sato (Akita Shoten) / “Magical Girl Site” Production Committee
© Kentaro Sato (Akita Shoten) / “Magical Girl Site” Production Committee

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