On 27 December 2018, the social media account of Terlalu Tampan (Too Handsome) webtoon series have announced the release date for its feature film adaption. The film adaption of the webtoon written by Muhammad Ahmes Avisiena Helvin (also known by the pen name Mas Okis) and illustrated by Savenia Melinda aka S.M.S, will open at Indonesian film theatres on 31 January 2019.


A collaboration between Visinema Pictures x LINE WEBTOON, the film tells the story of a family whose members are very handsome. The main character, Witing Trisno Jalaran Saka Kulino, aka Mas Kulin, is a very handsome man who often gets involved in various problems because of his looks.

The film is directed by Sabrina Rochelle Kalangie, director of the Filosofi Kopi Youtube web series. The cast includess Ari Irham as Mas Kulin, Tarra Budiman as Kulin’s younger brother Okisena Helvin aka Mas Okis, Marcelino Lefrandt as their father Archewe Johnson aka Pak Archewe and Iis Dahlia as their mother Jer Basuki Mawa Bea aka Bu Suk.

Terlalu Tampan Webtoon

Terlalu Tampan is a webtoon series serialised on LINE WEBTOON since March 2017 and has been read by 9 million users. The light and funny story and its cast of characters have captivated the readers. Terlalu Tampan has also been translated into three languages. The publisher Bukune then released the series on print in the same year.

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