Having entertained their fans for seven years, the idol group JKT48 will have their own original song this year. This information was revealed through the official twitter account of JKT48 on 22 December 2019

since the group was formed in 2011, JKT48 had only sung Indonesian cover versions of their “sister groups” songs from Japan such as the songs of AKB48 or SKE48. And just until last year, they never had their own original song. Although individually, one of their former members who is known by the name Nabilah had sung her own song for the theme song of the movie Sunshine Becomes You. she also sung seven songs featured in the movie itself, including a collaboration with another Indonesian singer Igor Saykoji. Also in October 2018, one of the sub-groups of JKT48 called JKT48 Acoustic has released their original song called “Lantang”. But for the first time since the group was formed, while also celebrating their 7th year, the core group will finally have their own original song.

JKT48 is a sister group to the Japanese idol group AKB48, that consists of 46 members as of December 2018 and is indirectly produced by Yasushi Akimoto. They operates almost everyday at JKT48 Theater in FX Sudirman. While JKT48 Acoustic is a sub-unit of JKT48 that performs acoustic versions of various of songs. Their members consist of four personnels: Fransisca Saraswati Puspa Dewi (Sisca), Nadila Cindi Wantari (Nadila), Ni Made Ayu Vani Aurellia (Aurel), and Rona Anggreani (Rona).

How will the new song be like? Will the public, especially the loyal fans who have anticipated an original song for years, receive it well enough?

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