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Ever wanted to eat, grab a few drinks, and rock out to your favorite Franchouchou songs surrounded by everything ZOMBIE LAND SAGA? Anisong bar and café Ani-ON Station‘s Akihabara location did a collaboration café with the surprise hit anime about girls brought back as zombies to become an idol group, where IAT staff did just that.

Ani-ON Station is a place where you can eat, drink, and enjoy anisongs presented by a radio DJ. It’s also no stranger to collaboration cafés, as they also hosted a Detective Conan café.

Guests need to pay an entrance fee of 500 yen to enter the café, which comes with a random ZOMBIE LAND SAGA can badge.

Inside, you’re greeted by various cute cutouts of the girls of Franchouchou, both in their “normal” and “zombie” versions. Which table you’re assigned to is determined by which badge you get. I got Yugiri, so I got to dine with a small cutout of her to accompany me.

Taking pictures are permitted inside the café, so you can also take pictures with the life-sized cutouts of Franchouchou in their collaboration outfits! With the exception of taking of photos or recordings of the screens while they’re showing footage from the anime, visitors can feel free to take as many pictures as they like.

During certain times, a radio DJ will go on air and play various Franchouchou songs. Each song is accompanied by footage of the anime, so you can enjoy various scenes from the anime shown on a big screen.

Visitors are required to at least order one item from the menu, and my order came as the radio started to air. There were drinks on the menu representing each member of Franchouchou, and each came with one of three collectible coasters of each girl. I went with the “No.2 • Legendary Orange Soda” which was a nice and refreshing orange float.

The “Nice Bird!” Cocco-kun Parfait” represents the mascot of real-life restaurant Drive-in Tori that appeared in the show. It certainly didn’t taste like chicken, but it was definitely sweet and tasty. The parfait also came with a postcard of the girls from their commercial shoot in Episode 5.

To round it up, I ordered the “Zombie Dog Treat Romero Special” with macaroons, marshmallows, and ramune-flavored ice cream. A fine treat indeed! There are also other menu items inspired by Saga prefecture favorites such as the “Sicilian Ricebowl” and “Squid Tempura Burger”. Alcoholic drinks are also available on the menu.

Each order of a food item gives you one request ticket where you can write messages and song requests to pass on to the DJ. The left half features illustrations of the characters which you can take away as a keepsake. Enjoying a ZOMBIE LAND SAGA-themed meal while listening to your favorite Franchouchou songs make for a really fun experience!

There are also many more items that you can bring home from the café with the many merchandise available for sale. Some are limited and are only available at the collaboration café while stocks last. The shirts in particular seem to be popular, as some designs are already sold out.

Lastly, visitors can also try their hand at the mini games available, each referencing scenes from the anime. “Chicken Race Kagamiyama GP” and “Lily’s Chin Hair Crisis!!” are 500 yen a try, and depending on how well they do, visitors can win a special prize!

The ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Ani-ON Station ZK Café collaboration runs from Thursday, 23 May 2019 to Sunday, 23 June 2019.

Event Information

Event period: 23 May 2019 – 23 June 2019
Opening hours: 11:30 AM – 22:00 PM (last order 21:30 PM)
Entrance fee: 500 yen (inc. one random can badge / min. 1 order required)
Duration: Max. stay of 90 minutes when crowded
Location: Ani-ON STATION AKIHABARA, 3-1-16 Daikanda Limited Building 1F, Kaikan, Chiyoda-ku, TokyoEvent Website
Ani-ON STATION Website
Ani-ON STATION Official Twitter

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The Indonesian Anime Times | Report and photos by Caesar E.S.

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