After their triumphant live performance at Arpino, it looks like Franchouchou’s success can’t be stopped—that is, until their following performance at the Ekimae Fudōsan Stadium bombs and leaves them in massive debt. With their producer Kotaro in a slump and the girls having to make their way up from rock bottom again, will Franchouchou have their “revenge” and finally be able to “save” Saga?


Caesar E.S. (The Indonesian Anime Times)

This season did not start the way I thought it would! The last time we saw the girls it looked like they were on the cusp of their big break, and yet it looks like they’ll have to overcome a massive setback. Two steps forward, four steps back I guess. C’est la vie. But there’s something interesting about this often unseen side to idol culture that Zombieland Saga‘s keeps bringing up. For example, the previous season had its meta discussion between Ai and Junko on what being an idol means. This show isn’t afraid to stray away from the glitz and glam of it all and also shows the small crowds, the odd gigs, the costly failures. Franchouchou having to take up part-time jobs to make ends meet is somewhat apt because it also reflects the reality that being an idol isn’t an easy job, and it can be a particularly harsh business especially for small groups trying to make it big.

But it’s on brand for Zombieland Saga, itself an unusual show about zombie idols that rap and do commercials for fried chicken joints in the first place. A huge part of the first season’s charm and how it managed to captivate even people who weren’t into idols in the first place (such as myself) is its unabashed uniqueness. Revenge delivers on that promise again, with the first episode ending on a performance by the girls all the while a huge brawl breaks out. It truly exemplifies what makes Zombieland Saga so interesting, in how it keeps subverting the viewer’s expectation again and again.

And deep beneath it all, there’s a strong undercurrent of overcoming your fate to the narrative. These girls have literally been reborn and gotten a new lease on life despite whatever tragedy struck them, and they’ve been given another chance to take revenge. They’re already dead—so what’s the worst that can happen? Even if they fail they can just rise up and try again. It’s only a matter of time until they can “save” Saga, and I’ll be looking forward each week to what crazy way they’ll manage to pull it off.

Zombieland Saga Revenge is currently streaming on Muse Asia, Muse Indonesia, Catchplay, and Viu

Facts and Figures

Alternative title(s) ゾンビランドサガ リベンジ
Source material Sequel to Zombieland Saga (2018)
Cast Asami Tano as Saki Nikaidō
Kaede Hondo as Sakura Minamoto
Kotono Mitsuishi as Tae Yamada
Maki Kawase as Junko Konno
Mamoru Miyano as Kōtarō Tatsumi
Minami Tanaka as Lily Hoshikawa
Rika Kinugawa as Yūgiri
Risa Taneda as Ai Mizuno
Director Munehisa Sakai (Suite Precure, Sailor Moon Crystal, One Piece Film Strong World)
Series composition Shigeru Murakoshi (Gymnastics Samurai, Seton Academy, to the Abandoned Sacred Beasts)
Character design Kasumi Fukagawa (Gymnastics Samurai, IDOLiSH7)
Music Funta7 (A Bridge to the Starry Sky, Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!, Yuruyuri Nachu Yachumi!)
Yasuharu Takanashi (Suite Precure, Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!)
Opening theme “Taiga yo Tomo ni Naite Kure” by Franchouchou
Ending theme “Yume o Te ni, Modoreru Basho mo Nai Hibi o” by Franchouchou
Studio MAPPA
Official site
Twitter @zombielandsaga
Broadcast date 8 April 2021 (1415 GMT/2115 WIB/2315 JST)​

Screenshots and Trailer

©Zombieland Saga Revenge Production Commitee
©Zombieland Saga Revenge Production Commitee
©Zombieland Saga Revenge Production Commitee

The Indonesian Anime Times

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