Indonesian comics publisher m&c! has teased the release of Fate/Grand Order -mortalis:stella-. On Saturday (8/6), the publisher’s Facebook account posted the cover image for Shiramine’s Fate/Grand Order -mortalis:stella- manga, with the caption “soon”. There is no further information yet about the release dates, format and price of the manga.


Previously, m&c! has published the first and second volumes of Fate/Grand Order –turas realta-, with the first volume getting a second print run one month since the initial release.

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Fate/Grand Order tells about the Heroic Spirit servants and their master who summoned them to fight in a war called the Holy Grail War to restore the future. To prevent the extinction of humanity, the organization “Chaldea” sent some of its members to the Japanese city of Fuyuki in 2004, a place that allegedly caused the extinction of mankind.

©Shiramine/ Ichijinsha ۰ Comic Zero-Sum

Fate/Grand Order -mortalis:stella- is a manga adaption of the smartphone game Fate/Grand Order from TYPE-MOON and Aniplex. Written and illustrated by Shiramine, the manga was serialized in Ichijinsha’s Monthly Comic Zero-Sum since July 2017. Then, the Fate/Grand Order -turas realta- by Takeshi Kawaguchi was published in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shounen Magazine in August 2017.

m&c! is a comics publisher under the Kompas-Gramedia group. Other than publishing manga, the publisher also publishes Disney comics magazines, and books, Hong kong martial arts comics, as well as Indonesian comics under the Koloni label.

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