The Japanese Film Festival (JFF) has been confirmed to be held again in Indonesia. Due to considerations of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the JFF in 2020 will be held online in 20 countries, including Indonesia, as Japanese Film Festival Plus: Online Festival. In Indonesia, the event will be held on 4 -13 December 2020.

The JFF Plus’ website has announced 30 films that will be screened at the event. The list includes new releases like Project Dreams – How to Build Mazinger Z’s Hangar, animated features like Sumikkogurashi: Good to be in The Corner, animated shorts like Production I.G’s The Girl from the Other Side, documentary features like Tsukiji Wonderland, stop-motion animations like Takeshi Yashiro’ Gon, The Little Fox, and the restored version of Yasuhiro Ozu’s The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice produced in 1952. Two films in that list, Tremble All You Want and One Night will be unavailable in Indonesia.

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Here is the full line-up for the Japanese Film Festival Plus: Online Festival event that will be available in Indonesia:

No English Title Japanese Title Running Time
Release Date
1 Our 30-Minute Sessions サヨナラまでの30分 114 minutes 2020
2 Project Dreams – How to Build Mazinger Z’s Hangar 前田建設ファンタジー営業部 115 minutes 2020
3 Little Nights, Little Love アイネクライネナハトムジーク 119 minutes 2019
4 DANCE WITH ME ダンスウィズミー 103 minutes


5 Sumikkogurashi: Good to be in the corner 映画 すみっコぐらし とびだす絵本とひみつのコ 65 minutes 2019
6 Café Funiculi Funicula コーヒーが冷めないうちに 116 minutes 2018
7 Stolen Identity スマホを落としただけなのに 116 minutes 2018
8 Tora-san in Goto 五島のトラさん 114 minutes 2016
10 0.5mm 0.5ミリ 196 minutes 2014
11 Lady Maiko 舞妓はレディ 135 minutes 2014
12 Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday 滝を見にいく 88 minutes 2014
13 A Story of Yonosuke 横道世之介 160 minutes 2013
14 The Great Passage 舟を編む 133 minutes 2013
15 Key Of Life 鍵泥棒のメソッド 128 minutes 2012
16 Peace Peace 75 minutes 2010
17 RAILWAYS RAILWAYS 49歳で電車の運転士になった男の物語 130 minutes 2010
18 Production I.G Animation: Tokyo Marble Chocolate 東京マーブルチョコレート 60 minutes 2007
19 Takeshi Yashiro Stop Motion Animation: GON, THE LITTLE FOX 八代健志ストップモーションアニメーション:ごん 27 minutes 2019
20 Takeshi Yashiro Stop Motion Animation: Moon of a sleepless night 八代健志ストップモーションアニメーション:眠れない月の夜 27 minutes 2015
21 Takeshi Yashiro Stop Motion Animation: NORMAN THE SNOWMAN-The Northern Light- 八代健志ストップモーションアニメーション:ノーマン・ザ・スノーマン~北国のオーロラ~ 25 minutes 2013
22 Takeshi Yashiro Stop Motion Animation: NORMAN THE SNOWMAN-On a Night of Shooting Stars- 八代健志ストップモーションアニメーション:ノーマン・ザ・スノーマン~流れ星のふる夜に~ 25 minutes 2016
23 Production I.G Short Animation: PIGTAILS Production I.G 短編集:みつあみの神様 28 minutes 10 seconds


24 Production I.G Short Animation: KICK-HEART Production I.G 短編集:KICK-HEART 13 minutes 2013
25 Production I.G Short Animation:

Li’l Spider Girl

Production I.G 短編集:わすれなぐも 24 minutes 2012
26 Production I.G Short Animation: Drawer Hobs Production I.G 短編集:たんすわらし。 24 minutes 2011
27 Production I.G Short Animation: The Girl from the Other Side Production I.G 短編集:とつくにの少女 9 minutes 33 seconds 2019
28 The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice お茶漬の味 115 minutes 1952

JFF has also confirmed in a press release that in addition to the screenings, other activities such as film discussions with professional speakers and quiz will also be held online.

Organized by Japan Foundation, up to 2019 the Japanese Film Festival has been held in 12 countries including Australia, Russia, China, India, and Southeast Asian countries. In Indonesia, the event was first held in 2015 in Jakarta, before expanded to other cities in the following years. In 2019, the event was held in five cities including Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Medan.

Several films that have been screened at the Japanese Film Festival in Indonesia, including Shoplifters, One Cut of the DeadSamurai Shifters, the Chihayafuru film series, and The Man from the Sea starring Dean Fujioka and Adipati Dolkien. Some anime films which had been screened at the event include The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Tamako Love Story, The Boy and the Beast, The Anthem of the Heart, and Mary and The Witch’s Flower.

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