An annual film festival event presented by the Japan Foundation​, Japanese Film Festival will be held again in Indonesia this year in five cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Makassar, and Surabaya.

The festival will first be held in Jakarta on 7-10 November 2019, and then in Yogyakarta on 19-23 November 2019, followed by Makassar on 29 November – 1 December 2019, Surabaya on 6-8 December 2019 and last in Bandung on 20-22 December 2019.

Surabaya will be the latest city that hosts this event. This has been confirmed on Wednesday (18/9) in the pre-event of Japanese Film Festival 2019 entitled Cinema Caravan at C20 Library & Collabtive, Surabaya. They will join the other four cities that have held Japanese Film Festival event in the previous years.

Japanese Film Festival is a film festival event presented by Japan Foundation and has been held since 2015 in Jakarta. Since 2017, it has also been held in other Indonesian cities like Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Medan. This event presented various Japanese films from various eras and genres, including documentary, tokusatsu, romance, art house, animation, and live-action films adapted from popular anime and manga series.

Several films that have been screened at Japanese Film Festival last year included “Shoplifters” which won Palme d’Or Award in Cannes Film Festival 2018, “One Cut of the Dead“, “The Man from the Sea” whom starred by Dean Fujioka and Adipati Dolkien. Furthermore, several films which is have been waited by fans also screened here, such as live-action “Chihayafuru” and “Mary and The With Flower”.

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