Last October, it has been announced that Indonesian game developer Fahmitsu has collaborated with Rolling Games Jam to release a new game What Comes After. On Thursday (5/11), the full version of the game has finally been released on Steam. The game is priced at IDR 39,999 on Indonesian store and USD 3.99 on US store. the game is also available at, priced at USD 4.99.

What Comes After is a side-scrolling adventure game about people who try to accept themselves, especially those who think they’re a burden for other people. In the game, player will control Vivi, a girl who finds herself inside a train that delivers dying souls to the afterlife. In the train, Vivi will meet various souls and engage in philosophical talk about love, death, and regret.

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Mohammad Fahmi or Fahmitsu is credited as the designer, writer, and director for the game. He previously worked at Toge production, developing another Indonesian game titled Coffee Talk. On the other hand, this is the second Rolling Game Jam video game that has become available on steam. Previously, Rolling Game Jam produced Rage in Peace with Toge Production, which received Game of the Year Award in BEKRAF Game Prime 2019 event.

The Indonesian Anime Times.

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