Indonesian game developer Mohammad Fahmi Husni or better known as fahmitsu has passed away on March 28, 2022. He is known as director, writer, and designer of some well-known Indonesian games like Coffee Talk and What Comes After.

fahmitsu started his career in game development as a programmer at Gameloft Indonesia in 2011. In 2017, he became the Marketing and Public Relation Manager at Toge Production. During the internal game jam process, he pitched the idea of Coffee Talk, which was released into a full game in January 2020.

Later, he went independent and published What Comes After with Rolling Glory Jam in November 2020. Before his passing, he was developing his latest game Afterlove EP which is planned to be published in 2022.

Outside game development, fahmitsu is also known as a writer for the technology website Tech in Asia. He also often posted his short stories and personal views on the writing platform Medium.

KAORI Nusantara expresses our condolences on fahmitsu’s passing. May God accept his deeds, forgive his sins and grant fortitude for his family.

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