After releasing A Day Without Me last June, Indonesian game developer Gamecom Team has announced their next project. The new game will be third-person action-adventure game titled Parakacuk. The game is developed for PC and is planned to be released on steam in 2021, though Gamecom Team’s website also mentions plans to release the game on Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The price for the game, however, has not been announced yet.

The game has received positive response on steam. According to Gamecom Team’s social media, the game got more than 5000 wishlists on steam within a week since its first announcement.

The steam page describes Parakacuk as a game that focuses on the fight between school gangs. The player will take control of Budi, a new transfer student at 69 City Jancuk High School. Unfortunately since Budi’s first day, he has been involved with various problems. Now, Budi will take revenge on other school gangs and become the leader of the school with his own gang called Parakacuk.

Here is the list of the game’s features on their steam page:

  • An intense teenagers story with a school theme.
  • Explore a brutal school set in Indonesia.
  • Beat up other gangs.
  • Create your own love story at school.
  • Solve various mysteries at school.
  • Strengthen your Budi as you play.

The Steam page also mentions that the game will include mature content, from teenage violence, strong language, drugs, and even suicide.

Based in Jakarta, Parakacuk will be the third game published by Gamecom Team after A Day Without Me and Babol: The Box Adventure. Previously, A Day Without Me has been nominated as Indonesia’s most favourite game in 2020 Indonesia Gaming Award. For Parakacuk, the developer mentioned that the game will be the biggest game they’ve developed, with a total of 54 Gigabytes of assets.

You can also support this game by donating to Gamecom Team on the crowdfunding platform Saweria.

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