Indonesian game developer Extra Life Entertainment has released the demo for their latest game StellaGate: The trials of Faith. The demo has been released on Tuesday (16/2) and is currently available for the PC platform on, which can be accessed here. The full game release date and price has not been announced yet. However, the developer mentions on their Twitter that the steam page will be available “soon”.

StellaGate: The trials of Faith is a 2D side-scrolling battle game about two siblings who were separated from their parent when they were little. One day, the new Prince began a competition where the winner will get any wish granted. The elder sister, Stella, joins the competition and uses the winning prize to reunite with her parents. In this game, the player can choose any four types of weapon with their own unique fighting style.

Extra Life Entertainment started the StellaGate: The Trials of Faith game project in 2020. After one year in development, including a chance to showcase the game in Indonesia Game Prime, the first trailer finally released on February 8, 2021. According to their latest development blog, the development of the game is currently stalled because of the budget issue and the current focus of the developer is finding a publisher who can continue the development. Extra Life Entertainment currently accepts donation on Trakteer platform.

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